why do dems/libs(hillary),or any dem call for the release of strategic oil reserves when oil prices climb?

ok hillary,and democrats/liberals always call for the release of U.S. strategic oil reserves when prices on the market climb,why not call on the president to begin aggressive oil drilling programs in the gulf of mexico,coast of florida,coast of california,alaska,demand wind farms be put off the coast of nantucket sound(where weathy dems/libs live teddy kennedy),demand that new refineries be built on unused,and closed military bases,whats the difference if the oil comes from the ground,or strategic reserves its still oil,how many americans really know the reason for such high oil,and gas prices,because dems/libs have made it so costly,and almost impossible for oil companys to drill on U.S. soil,because of their stupid liberal ideas,and envio.,laws?
as usual libs refuse to see the truth,and the question,but as i always say,dems/libs live by several rules,heres the one that fits this qestion,(IT IS THE NATURE OF THE CHARGES THAT MATTER NOT THE FACTS)!

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  1. jt79 Says:

    because the less whe have strategically stockpiled the weaker we are as a nation.

    And the looney left loves defeat.

    Defeat Defeat in 08! Vote Red-Vote Fred.

  2. Triumph Says:

    Bush wont do it.

  3. Steve J USA Says:

    Because they are more conservative on the issue of the environment than conservatives will ever be.
    And by the way, how would drilling help us? Our oil refineries are stressed. We need more oil refineries first, for oil drilling projects like you mentioned.
    It is so easy to purchase refined oil from countries like Saudi Arabia.

  4. You are all, weirdos. Says:

    Because that would make sense.

  5. smellyfootâ„¢ Says:

    The increase in the price of oil is based on the inventory of our reserves and the amount that OPEC is willing to dish out for the rest of the year. If the Fed raises the price, then ideally we will consume less, making sure we do not need to tap reserves. But if they think getting into the reserves will solve any problems, they are completely insane.

  6. Skip G Says:

    You could not be more right, keep up the fight my friend

  7. Underground Man Says:

    Why do people like you not understand that we don’t have enough oil in the U.S. to fill our needs? Plus, just getting the infrastructure up and running would take awhile.

    Also, did you forget that Bush has been president now for the last 7 years, or something? "Why do dems/libs(hillary), blah, blah, blah…" Why doesn’t BUSH, CONS, the GOP, do something about it? Why do they continue to fund oil giants instead of developing alternative energy tech?

    Why doesn’t Bush and his neo-con pals help to wean us off of foreign oil so the U.S. isn’t dependent on the Middle East? Oh yeah, I forgot. They’re all neck deep in the oil industry themselves, so they’d rather continue to be friends with their rich Saudi friends instead of doing what’s right for the U.S.

  8. Steve C Says:

    Maybe because the ideas you list would take decades to achieve, while the strategic oil reserves were set up specifically to address a spike in oil prices.

  9. strattz Says:

    The reason oil is almost 100 buck a barrel is because of Bush’s War……..Democrats are trying to help out the middle and poor class by lowering the price of gasoline and home heating oil……….

  10. mayorquimby9 Says:

    Because they arent bright…

  11. Given2Fly Says:

    I agree. I hate parks and trees and mountains. Lets get rid of Yosemite first and then on to Yellowstone..what do you say?

  12. artfan216 Says:

    Because we have enough oil stored away to run this country for the next 12 years….we just want to use up everyone elses first.

  13. Super Tuesday Says:

    I think many want to try to encourage moving toward different types of more renewable energy, and they think that maybe drilling in many new places would keep us relying on petroleum and reduce the public demand for renewable energy research and implementation, if the regular gas prices went down. Also it would piss off and turn away many environmental voters, who could jump to the Green Party, which hurt Gore in 2000, and people in the US probably don’t want them to drill oil in this country. George Carlin in one of his shows talked about what he called NIMBY, Not in My Backyard. Basically saying that Americans want things, in this case he was talking about prisons, but not near them. I think it applies to cheaper energy too. They’re proposing a Wind Farm on Cape Cod in Nantucket Sound and although most want cleaner energy many are actively against it because of the effects it would have on the ocean view. So I don’t think people would want people drilling for oil here either, not just environmentalists but most people I think. Still eventually we’ll have to make some sacrifices.

  14. JimSock Says:

    If the price goes too high then it will make sense to go to alternatives.
    The Democrats don’t want that.
    Just talking about the reserves gets the punks in the ARA trading pit lowering prices.
    Then, the oil companies will have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to alternatives.

    Edit: Bio Diesel for our Jewish friends
    BioDiesel for our Christian friends
    BioDiesel for our Italian friends

  15. almoore Says:

    That’s what the reserves are for.

    From the DOE:

    "The U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve is the largest stockpile of government-owned emergency crude oil in the world. Established in the aftermath of the 1973-74 oil embargo, the SPR provides the President with a powerful response option should a disruption in commercial oil supplies threaten the U.S. economy."