Why do I keep seeing petroleum jelly in my male friend's bathrooms?

One thing came to mind but I wasn’t too sure considering how hard it is to clean up…
Actually, it is my business.
I never said that there was anything wrong with masturbation.
Marie- I asked because I’m not the kind of person who, when a question arises, assumes that the first possible answer must be true.
This isn’t about a specific person. I’m not worried about anyone cheating.

24 Responses to “Why do I keep seeing petroleum jelly in my male friend's bathrooms?”

  1. broadwayedz Says:

    ya it’s probably used to jack off or for skin care (but probably the former)

  2. Auttie Says:

    well im guessing he likes to masturbate with it

  3. snow Says:

    yes sounds like what you think it is

  4. brdevane Says:

    prolly his dads o.o your sick

  5. LynnC Says:

    Guys use that stuff to masterbate..

  6. Robert C Says:

    could be for the hair

  7. Beedo Says:

    He either spanks the monkey with it, or has really bad chapped lips all the time. It’s not hard to clean up just use a paper towel.

  8. Gabby Says:

    its not really your buisness but it’s probably what you think

  9. Happi Says:

    The jelly and him go hand-in-hand

  10. Billy Says:

    Males sometimes use petroleum jelly for masturbation. It increases maxium pleasure. Nothing to be ashamed of, and I wouldn’t mention it to him, it would be rude.

  11. Barcode Says:

    Do you take inventory of every bathroom you visit?

  12. funeraldoom4412 Says:

    i guarantee it is what you think!

    hey we have needs whats the problem? and i know most girls wont admit to it but girls do it too if you dont do it girls then you will sometime

  13. alleycat3435 Says:

    start putting out then..

  14. :) Says:

    why dont u mind ur own buisness and stay out of it lol! do u really wanna no what he does with that jelly? huh? do ya rele rele wanna no? HE JACKS OFF WITH IT!

  15. worried_boy Says:

    he’s beating his meat.

  16. ♥~○~♫~○~♥ Marie ♥~○~♫~○~♥ Says:

    Are you thinking what I’m thinking *light bulb*

    -nod nod- I think you are, so why did you even ask?

    tsk, the curiosity of some people…..

  17. Juan Miguel Says:

    Well, it is what came to your mind, even if it’s a little hard to clean up, males don’t care what kind of lube it is, if it gets the job done…

  18. SC Says:

    you know what it is for! he is a guy

  19. Jewell Says:

    he might like to be silky smooth

  20. Lucan1989 Says:

    I think it’s best left to the imagination. Guys have their "secrets", just as girls do.

  21. Marq JPAA Says:

    He could be using it as a lubricant for sex – but if he’s using a condom, petroleum jelly is a TERRIBLE choice for a lubricant since petroleum jelly causes condoms to break.

    Petroleum jelly can be used for masturbation, but it can also be used for extremely chapped skin.

    Another possibility:

    I had a tear in the wall of my anus and before I had corrective surgery, I used petroleum jelly as a lubricant so I could crap without screaming in pain and passing a half-pint of blood.

  22. blake Says:

    hey thanks for answereing my question btw but he probaly masturbates or if its out maybe cheating you should confront him about it 1 on 1..

  23. eb Says:

    It can be for masturbation, but it is kinda hard to clean up. But if it’s all you have around, sometimes you use it. It shouldn’t be used for sex though…

    It can also be used for chapped lips and scrapes and burns I think, so a bathroom is a perfectly normal place for it.

  24. kris Says:

    the dude clearly dosent get laid enough..