Why do liberals act like building a petroleum pipeline across the US is some untested new idea?

There are already 10’s of thousands of miles of petroleum pipelines criss crossing the US right now.

How often do we hear about them leaking?

How often do we even hear about them period?

Whats the big deal?

9 Responses to “Why do liberals act like building a petroleum pipeline across the US is some untested new idea?”

  1. Expectorate Says:

    Libs are clueless. They nearly never leak, and the type that they want to build has a near perfect safety record.

  2. Cantankerous Says:

    They are ALWAYS LEAKING! One exploded in wyoming and killed two people FOUR MONTHS AGO GENIUS.



    Here is a map of all the major spills that have happened in the US in the last 20 years:


    We should not base energy policy on the opinions of those who refuse to even read.

  3. Secular Humanist Says:

    They leak close to a dozen times a year.

    This is a big deal because they are put in places near drinking water, not to mention leaks/spills have a devastating effect on the wildlife around it.

    Let’s create jobs in the alternative energy sector instead and ween off our dependence on oil.

  4. DebunkingTheRightWing Says:

    The first Keystone tar sands pipeline, constructed less than a year ago, has sprung its twelfth leak (this figure is from months ago), spilling up to 2,100 gallons of raw tar sands crude oil in Kansas on May 29th when a pipeline fitting around a pressure transmitter failed. This comes just three weeks after a broken pipe fitting on Keystone resulted in a 60’ geyser of tar sands crude, spewing 21,000 gallons in North Dakota.

    There are many such examples. And tar sands are the worst. You can die just from inhaling the toxins. It can destroy the ground water in regions. Gotta be careful.

  5. Talking Points Nemo Says:

    This is a much larger pipeline, and the ones that we have already DO leak. Just last year, about a million gallons of crude got dumped into the Kalamazoo river before they found the leak and stopped it.

    Why do conservatives act like this is a good idea? You’re the ones who proclaim to be all about limited government, state’s rights, national sovereignty, all that stuff, but here you are calling for the federal government to force states to allow a foreign corporation to seize privately owned land, and for what? So you can create a few thousand temporary jobs, building a tube through which that foreign corporation can pump toxic sludge clear across the country so that they can ship it off to sell on foreign markets. WTF?

  6. john a Says:

    1 All steel used comes from a Russian company not US. Why not a US company.
    2. Free land they get with pipeline. They should pay for it.
    3. All studies on pipeline done by oil company
    4 Only creates a bout 200 jobs
    5 MY tax money wasted on what the oil companies should be paying for

  7. R, P, then B Says:

    another little fact they never mention is how the Alaskan pipeline has helped Alaskan and Canadian deer and Bear populations to grow.

    the pipeline must be kept warm for the oil to flow, this in turn warms the areas around the pipe and creates an area for vegetation to grow during the harsh winter months, this provides food for the animals enabling them to become stronger and healthier and more numerous.

    you’d think PETA would be in support of this, but since it’s against the liberal backed eco-nazi causes, they don’t say a thing.

    See, these are the same type of people that want to control your medical records…….

  8. Daniel Says:

    I take that you consider the Governor of Nebraska a liberal for opposing the pipeline.

  9. kidkaraoke Says:




    We Liberals know that this is NOT a new idea, it’s just being done poorly, as pointed out above. Oh and BTW, I’m not against the pipelines per se, I believe we can keep many people gainfully employed with the construction of new and safe pipelines.


    So I guess my question is why do Conservatives only think about their own wallet and what’s in it. I don’t think of myself as a tree-hugger, but I would like to know there will be some for my great grandchildren to see, and that hope extends to the great grandchildren of Conservatives as well…