Why do liberals complain about high gas prices when they will not allow us to drill for new oil in Alaska?

They will not let us drill for new oil anywhere on American soil because the caribou need to freeze in order to mate. Other countries are dilling off of florida and california as we speak? How are liberals, who claim to have a monopoly on morality, helping the energy crisis other than taxing the successful oil companies? The answers from libs should be funny

25 Responses to “Why do liberals complain about high gas prices when they will not allow us to drill for new oil in Alaska?”

  1. fghtng5thfemale Says:

    Cause Liberals are all talk and no action. That should be pretty obvious by now. They paint a pretty picture, but thats all it is. A pretty picture.

    The reality is that is we elect a super liberal President we might as well exchange the flag for a welcome mat cause the rest of the world will walk all over us.
    Personally I’d like to see a middle of the road president. Someone strong enough to be respected, but still liberal enough to take on the closer to home issues.

    Vote me down all you want, I’m not Hillary, so I’m not going to cry about being ganged up on and then use it for popularity. :)

  2. David S Says:

    Here is what one famous liberal is REALLY saying about it.


    Stop putting words in the mouths of people you do not like, and understand even less.

  3. MS D Says:

    Really difficult to see the rationale isn’t it.

  4. Rumpy Says:

    Because you guzzle it all up with your Hummer and other obnoxious SUV-zillas.

  5. dogsrspcl Says:

    I wondered that myself.

  6. Mr. Pickles Says:

    Why do Republicans complain about deaths in Iraq, but they won’t bring the troops home?

  7. shelly Says:

    that’s so illiterate….drilling in alaska may affect the gas prices slightly for a short period of time, and we would have to destroy part of the environment to do it…..how can you not understand the problem with it????? duhhhhhhhh

  8. floridag8ergirl Says:

    B/c they’re tree hugging hippies

  9. Zinger! Says:

    Sure get rid of whats left of natural habitats in Alaska.
    Screw the wildlife, GOP big business donors need more $$!

    Its about GOP donors messing up pristine land for profit.

    And your screwball rightwing bias.

  10. Frank Gilroy Says:

    how could liberals possibly have prevented bush and the 6+ years of republican majority in the congress from drilling if they had actually wanted to do so????

  11. CaesarLives Says:

    Speculative commodity futures drive up oil prices. There is no oil shortage. Pass a law that speculators who buy oil futures must physically take possession of the oil before flipping them and the market prices will calm down.

  12. Steve J USA Says:

    Because we average taxpayers are not responsible for the blocking of oil drilling.
    And by the way, oil drilled at home has never been our major source. And it can never be anything but a very small source. Almost 100% of it comes from the Middle East.

  13. Steve C Says:

    You could drill for all the oil you want…the problem is not supply, it is is the lack of refining capacity. Drilling for more oil would do nothing because we don’t have enough refineries to process the oil. Whjat has changed so drastically since Bush took over and gas was $1.35….hmm, maybe it’s the fact that we invaded the middle east

  14. Kevy Says:

    I have never been to alaska, nor have I ever voted to stop oil driling.

  15. Triumph Says:

    The higher gas prices have more to do with our economic state esp devaluation of the dollar.

    Wars and the talk of more wars also impacts gas prices.

    I think select drilling here may be worth considering.

  16. alaisin13 Says:

    My reply is this. If we drilled the Arctic Reserve, it wouldn’t even begin producing viable oil for a while anyway. Not only that, but it would destroy some of the most beautiful country we have in America.

    Yes, I feel bad for the animals who will die if and when we brig drilling. But what makes me madder is that we (liberals and conservatives alike) are still so stuck on oil as a means of generating energy. There are alternative methods, that don’t have to be all patchouli and love and hippie tree hugging.

    A single wind turbine can generate enough power to power a household or more. Why haven’t we gotten more of these?

    Solar energy is clean. Nuclear energy, when used proberly, is a wonderful tool. Even the more hippie energy sources like biodiesel and geothermal heating are wonderful ways of getting around a dependency upon oil. Ethanol, much as I hate it, still produces an alternative fuel source. (Even though it can take as much oil to produce ethanol as it does a barrel of crude, and ethanol is going to destroy the fields due to overgrowing of corn.)

    We’re going to run out of oil at some point, so why haven’t we done anything to make sure we don’t implode as a nation when that time comes?

  17. An Angry Viking Says:

    And they also pass laws that make it tough for auto makers to put out an economical diesel. Some in Europe get better than 70 MPG.

    Answer is that if it inconviences or outrages them, it’s a problem. If not, it’s someone else’s problem.

  18. Open your eyes Says:

    Shut up boy. What is the matter with you? Don’t you know anything? How do you Americans put up with all the fools you have living in your country?

  19. spay&neuter-all-republicans Says:

    I am a liberal and I don’t care about the high price of gas. I hope it goes to $6 a gallon soon. Then I can laugh at all you ‘get away from it all’ stooges who bought McMansions an hour’s drive from your job. Then there will be all the beer-bellied clowns who can no longer afford to fill up their Hummers waiting at the bus stop looking oh-so-glum! Don’t take offense as I ride by and laugh. It’ll be SCHWEEEEEETTT!

    Since I can ride a bike any place I want, I am not dependent on the whims of oil prices. So sit on your gas hose and rotate.

  20. smedrik Says:

    Why drilling in ANWR is impractical.

    1. The majority of the reserves are in tar sands and oil shale. Ask a Canadian how expensive and resource intensive that process is. You don’t drill for oil in shale and tar sands, you flush it out of the ground with high purity deminiarilized water.

    2. How do you propose the crude be shipped to the rest of the states? The northern passage is impractical as it is almost always frozen over. Sure you could pipe it down using Canadian pipelines, however that is just adding to the already extreme cost of actually obtaining the oil.

    3. The reserve is is sitting in the middle of a unique ecosystem. What could possibly be accomplished from destroying a unique ecosystem for overpriced oil?

  21. 45 cal Says:

    As bad as it will get the liberals will alway have money to fuel there limos & Jets>

  22. huckleberryjoe Says:

    The truth is if Bush really wanted to drill in Alaska he could have a long time ago. It’s not like anyone has stopped him from doing whatever he wanted anyway and he is the commander in chief, all he would have had to say is that in the interest of national security we are going to drill in Alaska.

    What he did instead was nothing, just like Katrina, just like the southern border and just like 911.

  23. S C Says:

    Great question. I cannot even begin to understand why they have this position. It sounds like the people of Alaska would like more drilling to take place but the politicians in Washington DC have blocked these efforts.

  24. Snow B Says:

    What cave have you been living in? The Alaska Pipeline began pumping out oil in 1977 and has since pumped out over 15 BILLION gallons of it. It is 800 miles long which make it one of the longest in the world. Those of us lucky enough to live in Alaska receive a lovely bonus of an oil dividend made from the profits invested from the oil. This year it was $1654! However, Alaska does not have and never did have enough oil to satisfy America’s appetite for it. All the wildlife involved does not mind the pipeline being there. In fact, the 4 legged animals enjoy standing near it because it is heated and that helps keep them warm in the winter.

  25. Steve Says:

    Three things you must understand:

    1) The majority of oil pumped out of Alaska oil fields are exported to other countries. The gas never winds up in your car. USA refineries prefer sweet light crude from Texas and the middle east. In fact, most USA refineries can’t turn Alaskan oil into useable products and it is cheaper to ship oil from the Persian Gulf to the refineries near the Gulf of Mexico than it is to ship oil from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico.

    2) Current Alaskan oil fields are pumping at under 20% capacity due to logistical problems and low oil prices from a few years ago that slowed development in existing fields.

    3) Opening up ANWAR makes absolutely no sense due to #1 and #2. I’m not against it, I just know it wont lower my energy costs at all, although it may lower energy costs in an Asian country that buys Alaskan crude that US refineries wont. Lowering their energy costs may result in indirect benefits, like they can employee more child labor to supply us with cheaper textiles.