Why do Liberals link consumption of petroleum based products to the GOP?

What do they think their computers are made out of?

How do they think their food was planted, fertilized, harvested, & brought to the store?

Do they ever use transportation?

Why do so many YA Liberals act so naive about the world they dont understand?

21 Responses to “Why do Liberals link consumption of petroleum based products to the GOP?”

  1. Constipated CON. Says:

    Hate to inform you, PAL, BUT it is not just liberals.

  2. Jerry Says:

    Reality an facts are seldom in a liberals argument.

  3. Frogger Says:

    LOL !!! Were you born yesterday ?

  4. Rob Says:

    But they put SAVE THE WHALES stickers on their new Range Rovers? Isnt that caring. Do as we say, not as we do.

  5. Jas P2 Says:

    They live in a perpetual Hollyweird like mindset.

  6. Texas Libertarian Says:

    Liberals never learned how to connect the dots.

  7. God Bless America Says:

    They’re not very smart.

  8. Will Says:

    Are generalizations all you have?

  9. Government Union Moron Says:

    Because to be an "Environmentalist", all you need to do is gnash your teeth, wring your hands, and spout sneering, sanctimonious lines while instructing the "uncaring, unenlightened" among us to live as they see fit.

    And that, my friend, helps the environment big time.

  10. Coach Woody Says:

    Why do they think that going off the grid and using buses and reusable bags is "pro-Democrat" either?

    Isn’t that Libertarian?


    liberals are made of all things the most pure and most pristine…they are the blessed and holy with no

    fault or sin…I AM NOT WORTHY…!!!

  12. John D "Your ad here" Says:

    Nice strawman argument. Since when do liberals "link consumption of petroleum-based products to the GOP"?

    I have to admit, strawman arguments are fun. Can I play?

    "Why do conservatives link consumption of helium to the Democrats"?

    What do they think party balloons are filled with?

    Do they ever inhale it and make their voices all squeaky?

    Do they think that the Goodyear blimp is filled with Marshmallow Fluff?

  13. stanleys_2001 Says:

    Don’t confuse LIBERALS with FACTS… their mind is made up.

    However – you’ve missed a POINT too… Liberals think THEIR PART is to tell us all what we should be doing… those rules don’t apply to them.

    Look at AL "carbon-credit" Gore – every trip he takes in his private jet "costs" the equivalent of 18,680 cars driving continuously for the time he’s in the air. He has 3 compounds… and he’s telling us… we need to ride the bus more.

    Conservatives – give to charities… from their own money – Liberals throw FUND RAISERS – and donate OTHER PEOPLE’S Money – then WRITE-OFF the expense of the party as a TAX Break.

  14. Vern86 Says:

    Because of questions like this.

    No one is saying to eliminate all petroleum usage, only to START to work to reduce it. We could lower our usage to 30-40% of what we do now, with no change in lifestyle, without even trying hard.

    Republicans keep putting up roadblocks to do that. THAT’S WHY!!!!

  15. No Justice, No Peace Says:

    Hybrid owners are 38% democrat, 16% republican

  16. susisays Says:

    and too there are LOTS of Dems who have received mucho bucks from BP! 0bama got 777K in 20008!

  17. Remember In November Says:

    It’s a GOP plot! Oil is evil!

    But notice the Liberals won’t let us have an alternative, nor do they have one. Nuclear, solar, wind, there’s always some exception and ridiculous rules upon rules. Fuel efficient cars? Good luck with that one, if they’re too efficient that’s bad too.

    And yes, less than half the oil we use is refined for gasoline, the rest is used to make several dozens of compounds and products.

  18. Kman Says:

    That’s a straw man argument and a half. Liberals don’t think the GOP is the only reason oil consumption exists. That’s absurd.

    But it is fair to say that it is indeed the GOP is against every piece of legislation that aims to reduce, conserve, or clean our petroleum industry.

  19. ugotthat Says:

    Why are so many people stupid?

    30+ years and several REPUBLICAN presidents ago we had an oil crisis. 30+ YEARS and several REPUBLICAN presidents later we still do and the conversation continues. Only now we have 30+ years less oil. And a LOT more SUV’s and trucks. LMAO!!!

    During the primaries McCain said nuclear power was the key to solving our energy problem. I guess no one told him only 3% of our electricity comes from oil. I’ve yet to see a nuclear powered car.

    Since we have 30+ years less oil, I guess in the Republican mindset we wait until it’s all gone before coming up with the typical short term band aid approach. "Then what will our computers be made of? How will our food be planted, fertilized, harvested, & brought to the store?" 10 years ago Honda and Toyota estimated there is less than a 50 year supply of oil on the planet. Now it’s 40 or less with the increased consumption.

    40 years of oil is in your lifetime depending upon your age. So in your opinion we should f*ck around for the next 40 years like we did the last 30+ years? Then act surprised and wonder how it happened? And you have the audactity to call someone naive?

    BTW Obama gave a speech on the importance of education and the REPUBLICANS/CONSERVATIVES kept their kids home. If you want to talk "naive".

  20. spirit_of_tom_joad Says:

    Hmm, I dunno. Why have repubs been blocking any attempt to raise fuel economy standards for the last 40 years?

  21. Wire & String Says:

    i dont know…maybe because the last 2 republican presidents were oil barons. maybe because over 75% of oil industry campaign contributions go to republicans. maybe because anytime there is any sort of oil related policy up for debate the republicans side with the oil interests…

    you know, this may come as a shock, but half the people you know are liberal. your mother is a liberal. your friends are liberal. stop acting like you have never met one, stop acting like anything liberal is a foreign concept, pull your head out of your butt, and talk about issues. namely, why do you apparently think it isn’t a good idea to move away from our oil dependency?