Why do liberals want high gas prices that cause the economy to suffer?

Why do liberals always say no to drilling for oil, when drilling would reduce gas prices and allow us to more easily develop cheaper and better alternative fuels? Why do they stand in the way of real progress? High fuel prices hurt the economy, why do they want to hurt the economy? Would they rather pay Arabs high dollar for oil than provide jobs for Americans?

On the same note, why do they always say no to clean coal, and nuclear energy?
I wasn’t aware that the US Republican party owned a British oil company. Wow, news to me *rolls eyes*.

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  1. Calvin Says:

    Their argument is that alternatives will not be sought if oil is less expensive than searching for alternatives.

    It is rather strange however for a people that claim to be all for the poorer people in our society to constantly be for policies that will leave such people in utter despair.

    EDIT: To those that say it just ain’t so….you need to listen to your "leaders" more. They are very clear that that is exactly their position.

  2. Arthur G Says:

    Republicans caused the BP oil spill.

  3. Anti Cookie-Cutter Says:

    I really don’t understand it either. If they "care" so much, they wouldn’t wreck the economy like this. I really don’t understand the raising of gas prices

  4. Jason K Says:

    Drilling for more oil is not "real" progress, nor will it help the economy in the long term.

  5. GOP=Greedy Oligarchy Plutocrats Says:

    The untaxed RICH INVESTOR class are bidding up the price of oil you fool.

  6. My Sarah Says:

    Yes, Obama has stated that from the beginning.

  7. Avocado Says:

    WE’RE RUNNING OUT OF OIL, GENIUS. What do you plan to do when we have no more oil to drill, hm?

    Drilling for oil doesn’t help us develop cheaper and better alternatives. RESEARCH and ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS do.

    Edit: No one said that the Republicans own BP. However, they were the ones pushing for BP to be allowed to drill in American territory.

  8. Reverse_Thread_Wing_Nut Says:

    Taxes are collected on a percentage basis. higher prices means more tax revenue.

  9. IceT Says:

    Because they want the economy to suffer!

  10. nooyawker Says:

    They like high gas prices. It makes the cost of everything else rise, and when it gets too high they want us crawling to them on our hands and knees begging for a handout. Then they will demand we worship them for all they give us.

  11. Salty American Says:

    The real interesting thing is that the high gas prices have, by far, the greatest impact on the poor. A dollar here or there doesn’t mean much to the well-off, but to those we should care most about, it’s a big deal.

    Similar thing with cigarette taxes, etc.

  12. Lenny The Strawman Says:

    You have an incredibly optimistic view of human nature, to think that cheap gas would lead to more investment in alternative energy.

    Clean coal is myth, but many of us do support nuclear energy.

  13. Cryst Says:

    According to this wikipedia entry the amount of oil we have is 21,000,000,000 barrels. That is just about enough to last us about three years at 20 million barrels of oil used per day.

  14. Joey Says:

    It is simply feeding the addiction to oil and oil is ultimately unsustainable. They look past immediate economic gain and care about what type of world their children are inheriting.

  15. James L Says:

    Money is ba-ad, m’kay

  16. CrotchItchBites Says:

    Libs want the price to go higher and higher until people are forced to buy hybrids and electric cars and scream for an alternative fuel.

  17. g Says:

    I wasn’t aware that gas would be a quarter a gallon if we just drilled a few wells… *HUGE EYE ROLL*

    the GOP is closer to owning BP than the trash you say in this question…

  18. Vladimir Says:

    The Republican Party is owned by foreign oil. You got it the wrong way around, neocon.

    Remember, the green energy the debate? Nope, there’s plenty of oil! I guess karma finally hit us.

  19. Bill Says:

    most of them still believe that the great one is going to save them when in fact the great one will destroy them all. kind of interesting to watch though. in the next 12 months oil will go to $200/barrel and gas will cost around $7-8/ gal. it’s all a scam, we have enough oil in this country to last at least 100 years if the libs would just get out of the way. I dare anyone to prove me wrong, you can’t.

  20. Matthew D Says:

    deep sea drilling would not affect the price of oil.

  21. Joey Says:

    Liberalism is a mental disease.

    I agree with producing all forms of energy including coal, oil, shale oil, nuclear, geo-thermal, nat gas, propane, methane, solar and wind.

  22. Teresa Says:

    Speculators set the price of oil. Do your homework. Did you take economics in highschool?

  23. Steve M Says:

    First for Arthur G The report was made bu obama so it is full of crapola.

    Now to the question: The progressives are doing this to control us. They figure if they make fuel more expensive then we would either stop driving or buy the clown car from the company Americans own (Government Motors)

    So lets cut the crap and start drilling, hell they could drill in my field if they want. As long as I get a cut lol

  24. R Says:

    Liberals don’t.

    1) Clearly, you have no clue how the global commodities market works with regards to oil…we are drilling here, and we are drilling now. As proof, there is a brand new fracking well 400 yards from my front window. That said, we cannot control the PPB on the global market. The oil cartels do that. If we ramped up production by 1 million barrels a month, OPEC would decrease production by the same amount, to keep the PPB high…
    2) There just ain’t no such thing as "clean coal"…anything that burns is not clean.

    Wind and solar are free, renewable, clean, and readily available. There is no future with fossil fuels…perhaps we should consider moving to renewable energy…

  25. SJReality Says:

    Oh what a load of Oil Industry BS…they have no interest in cutting their own throats by developing cheaper and better alternative fuels so long as there is oil to be sucked out of the ground.

    What America NEEDS is $10.00 a gallon gasoline.

    Do you have any idea what would happen in America if Americans woke up tomorrow and saw $10.00 a gallon gas?

    1. There would be a mad dash of millions of Americans SPENDING MONEY to purchase either more fuel efficient cars, hybrids or all out electric cars. Sales of bicycles and motorcycles would SOAR.

    2. There would be a mad dash to replace any and all gas heating in millions of homes…people would SPEND MONEY to convert to electric power as well as a mad dash to hire contractors to come to their home and make the homes more energy efficient.

    3. Investors and speculators would immediatey STOP funding the Oil Industry and begin putting their money into Alternatives…not just FUELS…but Alternative sources of energy that the Oil Industry would never see a profit from…and yes, the Oil Industry would eventually die a very slow and painful death.

    4. Sure many areas of the economy which depend on Oil/Gas will be hit hard…airlines, trucking companies…but if they wish to remain in business they will have to…oh my god…innovate and adapt their businesses to be less reliant on Oil/Gas. But the offset from Americans spending money to find ways to do without Oil/Gas would not hurt the overall economy in the long run.

    5. Clean coal and nuclear energy….oh yeah, those are the "alternatives" the Oil Industry controls and they are the only "alternatives" the Oil Industry pushes because they wish to continue to make their profits…basically, any alternative energy that the Oil Industry cannot make a profit from is off the table.

    6. The Oil Industry LIKES the current status quo…and they will fight against any alternatives that come along that the Oil Men do not have their hands in. It is time for them to step aside and allow innovation from the private sector to look for ways to REPLACE the Oil Industry.

    But like any other greed industry…the oil people will not go bankrupt without a fight.

    And of course there are people like you…worshippers of Big Oil who tow the corporate line and seek to help the Oil Industry further rape the land for riches that only a handful of people actually share.

    Of course it could be that Americans are just too stupid to actually figure out any viable alternatives to Oil/Gas…