Why do most Americans hate the Planet Earth so much?


The poll also found that the public still supports the idea of drilling offshore for oil and gas. By 50 percent to 38 percent, more people favor increased coastal drilling for oil and gas than oppose it.

15 Responses to “Why do most Americans hate the Planet Earth so much?”

  1. YES Says:

    youre an idiot.

  2. Obamas causing Chaos & Divide Says:

    Because most people can’t afford to pay 10 bucks a gallon for GAS- Like the Liberals in charge want it to be!

    The far leftists in DC- want to destroy our energy so they can make BIG TIME PROFITS on their Green Crap! Chicago Climate Exchange is now GLOBAL- and America is in DEEP TROUBLE! So is the rest of the world- These people in DC are truely frightening!

  3. RockyMtn High Says:

    Our government constantly tells us offshore drilling is needed and some suck that crap right up and then go eat poisoned seafood.

  4. vote_usa_first Says:

    Actually, hating earth is regulating the oil companies to the point that they are not responsible for 100% of cleanup costs.

    Thanks to the regulations, BP cannot be made to pay more than $75 million of the estimated $100,000 million cleanup. Thanks regulation!

    Without those regulations, BP would be 100% responsible for costs of all damage to property. In other words, the risk of $100 billion in cleanup costs is greatly reduced by spending a few hundred million to prevent it. But why spend a few hundred million to prevent it when a spill will only set you back $75 million?

    What is standard for many, is to ignore the unseen, which is the case with your question. You must suppose some new energy will take the place of oil, but you fail to see the processes and costs involved in manufacturing of those new methods.

  5. Cookie Monster Says:

    We love the earth and are grateful that God gave us these natural resources to use to live a better life.
    It seems that maybe YOU are the one that doesnt like the earth as you seem to see its natural resources as being evil in some way

  6. eazyee888 Says:

    Why do you hate the earth? You know your using a computer which is comprised of components made from oil, so if you were really that adament about it you wouldn’t even use a computer….but something tells me your just regurgitating talking points fed to you.

  7. Duke Powerhand Says:

    It’s sad. They won’t see the danger until it directly impacts them and by that time it will be too late.

    LOL at the guy who said he cannot pay 10 per gallon for gas. So poisoning your air,water and food is a better option.

  8. Talula J Says:

    0bama is a marxist clown, who has managed to control the weak minded, very well!!!

    Look how divided this man has our once great country, and most of you are to slow to figure out this is being done on purpose..0bama is an enemy to our country, United we stand divided we fail, AND HE KNOWS THIS

  9. Sagitarian Master. Says:

    Americans live in planet krypton …in varied many planets….

    some live in pluto….

    so u cannot condemn whole when someone does it….

    ask all to read Rev 21 and 22 in bible…


  10. Greg S Says:

    they watch fox news. they think what rupert murdoch wants them to think

  11. Muledancer Says:

    Conservatives _conserve_ natural resources. There is a big difference between _conservatives_ (those whom you just attacked) and _preservationists_ (who apparently believe that the human species is a virus on this planet).
    Conservatives _wisely_ use natural resources for the betterment of humankind.
    Preservationists would have all but themselves living in mud huts and eating grass and leaves.

  12. How_Would_I_Know Says:

    You should show us how wrong we are!

    Stop using anything manufactured, distributed or operated with oil.

    So, turn off your computer and throw it out. Cut the electricity to your house, scrape the paint off the walls. Throw out everything commercially purchased that you own.

    What? You’re not going to do that? I guess you hate the planet earth.

  13. Dcntamcn Says:

    Because most are mature, responsible adults who realize there are common sense ways to protect the environment at the same time as accessing reliable, convenient, affordable sources of portable fuel. Radical people have taken over the environmental movement and are using everyday, gullible ppl to snatch power. Removing dams from rivers eliminates hydropower. Banning nuclear plants, which power 80% of socialist France, eliminates cheap power. Importing oil via leaky foreign ships puts as much oil into the environment as offshore drilling. You have a very radical, unreasonable attitude about your mother Earth.

  14. Joe S Says:

    Americans don’t hate planet Earth. And it is ignorant to assume that we do. Americans are sick and tired of relying on oil supply from nations who don’t like us. Americans are tired of having oil prices imposed on us by other nations. This isn’t about hating the earth. This is about independence and freedom. Why depend on your enemy to supply you with a valuable resource when you have that resource right in your own backyard?.. Does us supporting more drilling mean we want another oil leak into the ocean? Hell no. That pisses the pro-drilling community off too. But the truth is, right now, the entire world runs on oil. We need it. And we need it at a cheaper price, especially in this recession. And we have huge, un-drilled quantities of it close to the American coast… So do I hate planet Earth? No. But before I go hug a tree I want to make sure that tree isn’t in the way of prosperity for the Human race.

  15. fffuuuuckkkkkk head Says:

    Stop talking about fox news u flippin libs, and wake up to the reality that the american dream is about getting your ass out of bed and getting to work. What else could it be?????? Obama is dead wrong! America’s best days are looooong gone. Except it.