Why do Natural Gas stocks drop when price of oil drops?

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  1. golferwhoworks Says:

    the price of natural gas is about 1/6th of crude. In fact many wells produce both and are depleted at the same time

  2. realtime1931@att.net Says:

    Good Question…
    Your question provide it’s own answer which is not true in the long view.

    When I started in the "Oil bidness" 50 years ago, Crude brought around $4 a barrel (42gals) and Natural gas was around 10 cents an MCF.

    Today Oil is 25 times higher at over $100 and Natural Gas is 1,200 times higher at over $12.

    The prices you are seeing in the Market are Spot Prices for future delivery which cover only a VERY SMALL portion of the hydrocarbons being sold and delivered and which are being sold (or bought) to round out existing needs of the end user.


  3. THE Cupid HATER Says:

    Talk with your broker about this.

    Basically, there source is much the same. Find one and you can preety much the other!