Why do people in Florida & California think they are so special we cannot drill for oil and…?

…gas on federal property?
Why is that our US government will not take a stand against the idiots of states that have cut off drilling offshore for oil and gas, like Florida, California, the East Coast and Alaska. I think Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana & others should cut them off of oil and gas until they do like these states and let companies drill on leases they have already paid for. Quit letting the news media talk about drilling technology of 20 years ago, WAKE up America and see what new technology has done to make drilling better TODAY.

4 Responses to “Why do people in Florida & California think they are so special we cannot drill for oil and…?”

  1. Josie Says:

    Oh Boy do I agree with you. I live in the city that was the "Oil capitol of the world" at one time. I would not trade our location with Florida, California or Alaska where the animals needs are more important than the peoples.

  2. Master Chief Says:

    Did you miss something ?

    There was a huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico recently, the full effects are yet to be known.

    If you are so pro technology, try an alternative to oil, unless of course continued and increasing dependency on oil is part of your goal.

    After all, oil keeps us engaged in a part of the world that wants us there so badly they would kill or die for it.

  3. SpartanCanuck Says:

    Not really up on current events, are you?

  4. inskin Says:

    The costal states you are referring are protecting their beaches, which are a source of income for the state economies. An oil spill from those off shore drilling rigs will wash up on the shoreline and cause lose of revenue.

    I would like to point out that my home state of New Jersey may not have off shore drilling but we have oil refineries.