Why do people sign up for courses at bartending schools when most of these are scams?

I once paid over 0 to take one of these 40-hour courses, lured by a promise on the school’s website of "guaranteed job interviews" after completion of the course.

I eventually learned that it is illegal for bartending schools to make this promise and when I threatened to throw the book at the school’s manager, he refunded every penny of my money.

While it’s true that some people who have completed a 40-hour bartending school course have eventually landed jobs as bartenders, such good luck seems to be a result of previous or existing food & beverage experience and was not in any way a result of completing the bartending course.

Restaurants and hotels probably regard a certificate from a bartending school as being as worthless as Confederate money. Am I right?

No answers from bartending school managers, owners, etc., please. I don’t want to hear about how many satisfied students you’ve had or how many you’ve supposedly placed in bartending jobs.

One Response to “Why do people sign up for courses at bartending schools when most of these are scams?”

  1. sasta_banana Says:

    I have been student of cooking schools and many my friends attended bartending class.

    I know they guarateed jobs too, but many doesn’t get jobs, though they have interviewed. My views is that, It could be worth too, because my friends don’t know about how to bartending before the class. I believed that $300 is to pay the place maintenance and the teacher who teach you. And I know the certificates is just so not worth something.

    The schools is just business for profits, and by $300 I don’t think they reap a lot of profits.