Why do people still say “Drill, Baby, Drill!”?

Why do you still think that drilling for more oil off the coast of our beaches, or up in Alaska, will actually make our gas/oil prices low? The US Dept of Energy’s EIA even says that the OPEC nations would likely cut their production to make up for any new oil we produced, to keep prices level.

And the longer we’re using oil at all, the longer it’ll take to find soem new source of energy.

9 Responses to “Why do people still say “Drill, Baby, Drill!”?”

  1. Dana1981, Master of Science Says:

    It’s just a lack of research and understanding.

    As you note, Bush’s own Dept. of Energy has concluded that increasing offshore drilling will have an insignificant effect on gas prices, and none for many years. If we do increase domestic drilling, the oil companies will just sell the slight increase in production on the international market anyway. How are we going to make them sell it in the US? It’s not like you can keep track of where the oil molecules are going.

    The whole ‘drill baby, drill’ issue is just a ruse. We need to move toward alternative energy and fuels ASAP, and focusing on oil is just a diversion. The US consumes about 20-25% of the worldwide supply of oil and we only have 3% of the world’s reserves. The math doesn’t add up.

  2. Jewely2951 Says:

    Well we need more oil to tide us over till a new source becomes realistic, do we stop eating crackers so we can risk starvation while looking for cheetos? I think not. 😉

    Plus it’s fun to say, and a sexual innuendo! 😀


  3. notyou311 Says:

    They are looking for an easy fix. There is none. We have to develop new sources of energy.

  4. Living In Exile Says:

    Increase supply and demand ( Price ) will go down.

  5. Creepy Guy Says:

    Boy is that a naive question! We need oil. We need to produce our own oil. Why buy oil from others when we have it here. Why are we transferring our wealth? Why, I said?
    Let’s keep our money here so we may actually have the resources to produce an alternative fuel.
    Boy, I hope your 12 or under.

  6. wildlife_den Says:

    it’s mostly coming from the ultra right and the trillion dollar oil lobbyists that just want more money. They’ve been fighting these alternatives fuels for years. THEY DON’T WANT people to have them!

    The longer they keep us on oil, the better it is for them. they’ve been telling us for 20 years that these clean fuels are just around the corner. and after ANWR is over in done with, after the coasts are stripped dry. do you think we’ll have any alternative fuels by then? nope! next is all the national parks.

    Only when the whole world is bled of every last drop will they even consider the next fuel.

    Meanwhile all the time and money that they want to put into drilling to "tide us over" could instead be used to reduce our oil use, which would also "tide us over"

    better fuel standards, more efficiency. solar and wind

  7. vicinic Says:

    just the thought of drilling stops the market from rising, we may never drill a single well, but the threat of drilling works

    BOOO happy Halloween, go back to a real school, not a liberal arts schoolol and you will

  8. richard b Says:

    ok, lets stop using gasoline tomorrow. now what fuel do you suggest we use to power our cars? where is the infrastructure to handle those fuel? where are the cars that use those fuels? the reality of the situation is that we already have alternative fuels that we can put in place, but there is no infrastructure to handle refueling the vehicles that run on those fuels. propane, cng, methane, ethanol, all can be used to power the internal combustion engine, but few vehicles in the country use those fuels, thus there is little infrastructure to handle the fuels.

    and building the infrastructure is not going to be cheap, easy, or done overnight. remember that the current infrastructure has been built up for over 100 years, and has cost upwards of a trillion dollars to build. if we were to replace the system suddenly it would cost many trillions of dollars to do, and would take at least 20 years to get it done. during that time we would have to force the automakers to build cars that ran on those alternative fuels, and still meet emission and safety standards, and that also takes time. we wouldnt see those cars on the road for at least 5 years, and even then in small numbers at first.

    our future energy needs are not going to be solved with one or two magic fuels. it is going to take several sources to meet those future needs, including crude oil based fuels. yes the current mantra has been, " well if we drill now we wont see that oil on the market for 10 years at least". according to industry experts though we would see the oil on the market in more like 3-4 years not 10 minimum. oil prices would stabilize, and we would reap those benefits. it would also go along way to making this country energy independent.

    it would also benefit our national security because our military machine runs on oil.

    what should be done is congress needs to pass a comprehensive energy bill that allows for domestic drilling for oil, where the oil is. it must also require energy companies to start building the infrastructure to handle alternative fuels, and it must require the automakers to start building cars that use those alternative fuels. if we set a minimum time to start doing this in say 5 years, that gives everyone time to develop everything that needs to be developed to handle the alternative fuels.

  9. kathy_is_a_nurse Says:

    It is NOT just about lowering the price of oil… although that is important. It is about being energy independent from the likes of OPEC.

    You seem to think that by stopping using oil, we’ll discover other sources. Well, that’s just silly. Since we don’t KNOW when a viable energy source will be discovered, and when it is discovered how long it will take to replace oil through infrastructure modifications, we’d be crazy not to ensure that a source we know works is readily available.

    This is a capitalistic society and when someone finds a viable energy alternative, they will move heaven and earth to get it onto the marketplace… regardless of how much oil is available through drilling.

    And finally, even if we replaced every single car TODAY with some other source, we’d still need about 50 million gallons of oil a day for other uses that have nothing to do with fuel. So the bottom line: in our foreseeable future, we will always need oil, regardless of new discoveries… whenever that happens