Why do people think Price Gouging after a natural disaster is evil?

I’ve recently had a dispute with a a friend on price gouging during and after a natural disaster. He said it was immoral and unethical thing to do. People don’t need price’s going up after a disaster strikes. But I had a different view on price gouging after a storm. Living in south florida it’s very common to gouge prices after a storm.
Well after one of the hurricanes that hit south fl i went out to buy gas and go figure by the time I finished waiting the line all the gas was gone. WHO’S fault was this? Well it wasn’t my fault that I got there late. I think it was the people in front of me who decided to put a full tank of gas instead of a qrt or at least half a tank to leave some for the rest of the people behind but then I started thinking why would they if it cost the same as it did before the storm. Awe maybe if they would have raised the gas from 2.89 to 5.00 a gal people would have not put a hole tank of gas and therefore leaving gas for all those in the back of the line. Same thing with the ice and people selling it on the streets. This guy was selling bags of ice for like 5 bucks someone called the cops and they came and arrested him made a big deal gave the ice away for free and there was no ice once again left for me. So my conclusion is that price gougers are not immoral but smart people sent by God to help get supplies around. Whats gonna stop you from buying more than you need? I doubt anyone in this selfish world thinks of the guy behind him in line.

What you guys think? I’m full of it or do I make a some sense?
question. If u do regulate how much someone gets. what if the family splits up and each buys the limit or if that someone goes to the iceman buys ice and then goes to the next iceman and buys more ice supplies still run out. Point is people will find a way around that limit rule. But there is no way around paying more. YES I kno people don’t gouge prices for the sake of others but it works you get supplies and the iceman makes some extra money. Both sides win. And usually the cops would confiscate everything and no one gets supplies :(. But I guess that made the situation better because it was the "christian way" btw you could blame that guy for calling the cops
I don’t think you guys understand. IT SUCKS WHEN SUPPLIES THAT YOU NEED OUR OUT OF STOCK! it will happen before and after a disaster. I live in south Florida and I have been in a disaster .many hurricanes down here. And nothing is worse that not having gas to power up your generator to keep your food good. I can’t even imagine people who were without light for 3 weeks (true story, happened to me). especially people who have some sort of medical machine to help them get by the day ..but because gas ran out they couldn’t power up their generator. and sometimes there wouldn’t be gas for days because people are selfish and stock up for themselves. And when prices go up everyone complains. In my opinion the selfish one’s are the ones who won’t pay more to keep supplies stocked up.
What do you guys care if someone makes money???! Its not about that its the cold hard fact that it WORKS!

7 Responses to “Why do people think Price Gouging after a natural disaster is evil?”

  1. Mad Scientist Says:

    Price gouging is immoral and illegal. We are a country based on Christian values. Taking advantage of the poor and disadvantaged is against the laws of Jesus. It also places a price on human life because people need those products like water and food to live.

    Next time don’t price gouge but place a limit in the amount of gas. That way everyone gets some.

    BTW, if price gouging is common, that’s a problem with your local authorities. You’re Jesus loving people down there need to do better.

  2. Maltese Mom Says:

    I like your logic but it would be better if the gas stations and others selling necessities had put a limit on the amount you could buy.

  3. Mujer Alta Says:

    First, you’re assuming that if the price was high enough there’d be enough for everyone because no one person would buy more than he actually needed or that he could afford. Sounds good but it doesn’t take human greed into account. Those who could afford to would buy it all leaving none for the rest of us. America is turning into a "Lord of the Flies" Land of me first and who cares about the next guy. This is a mean and very sad way to live. Too much me and not enough we is not good for the survival of an individual or of a country.

    btw, the people who take more than they need are just as guilty as the price gouger. Both actions end up depriving others of necessary goods. Also, considering the examples you gave, I’d recommend that you get to the gas station and the iceman earlier next time;-)

  4. rogue13_13 Says:

    Your perspective does make some sense, but I seriously doubt that these "gougers" are raising their prices in order to help the public… they are simply taking advantage of a high demand market, where prices can be raised extraordinarily high and products will still sell.

    What you state is true… Increasing prices could slow demand and thus allow more people to get less of the limited products, but again, these gougers are likely not doing the economic formulas used to determine what price levels would provide the most product to the most people. They are pricing in order to make the most profit.

    If these gougers were truly benevolent, they would keep moderate prices and simply ration the amount of product that one person could purchase at a time.

  5. Louis Gates aka card playa Says:

    Price gouging is evil because you are taking advantage of peoples hardships for profit. I remember when the Northridge earthquake hit and 7-11s were charging $10 for a bottle of water and a pack of cigarettes. They were doing it to increase their bottom line. Thank god the Southland corperation (who own the 7-11 corperation) got involved and actually took those crooks franchise away from them.

    Let me ask you this….lets say there was another hurrican that hit florida. You have about 5 bucks on you for water. You figure that before the hurricane water was 1.(( and doing your math you could buy 2 bottles of water….but when you walk into the store you are told….sorry, that ONE bottle of water is now $10.00. You say you only I have $5…The clek tells you tough sh!t….I’m making sure people dont hoard up on my water so give me $10 for one bottle or get out of my store

  6. World War III Says:

    it works for capitalism

  7. peppersham Says:

    It is evil and just plain wrong.And yes you should get jail time for it.A natural disaster is not of your making and taking advantage of an already very bad situation is not only unethical it is a bad business practice.People will remember who you are and word of mouth works better than an ad in the sunday paper.You must of never been in a real disaster or you wouldn’t think that was a good idea.You have just yourself to blame if you have waited until after the hurricane before you try to prepare.With tornadoes you don’t get those days advance notice,you lucky to get 5 minutes.So yes it is evil thing to do.