Why do so many people think the only answer to high gas prices is to drilling?

Do some people just not conceive of the notion that there are other possibilities? That oil is finite and the solution of drilling would just be prolonging the inevitable?

Do they not know about all of the fantastic new technologies available that can fuel and propel cars, the possibilities that exist so that we as Americans will NEVER have to purchase gasoline ever again?

4 Responses to “Why do so many people think the only answer to high gas prices is to drilling?”

  1. Neither Republican nor Democrat Says:

    I GUARANTEE you that if we decided to do a "Manhattan Project" on the energy crisis, we could become energy independent within 5-10 years – but there is no push for it – sadly.

  2. T-Bone Says:

    To answer your question;

    Uh, you are not a student of supply and demand I see. When you throttle supply of any product you artificially increase the price of that product. By increasing the supply of any product you decrease the price of that product. If the Middle East will not increase the production of oil, buy drilling more of our domestic oil supply we force a increase of supply thus causing the current artificial inflation of the price of oil to collapse.

  3. Neo Says:

    Were?were are these fantastic new technologies you are talking about?Why should any one group dictate how we power our cars?Yes we will run out of oil one day "necessity is the mother of all invention".

  4. dadvice1 Says:

    We need all sources to be successful in the future – nuclear, solar, wind, coal, oil. bio fuels.

    The possibility of an gasoline free world will come in 20 years but we will still need diesel and jet fuel for the heavy stuff.

    Why tie one hand behind our back. Drill, drill, drill. If we won’t need it in the future why not use it now?