Why do the Democrats want to keep America dependent on foreign oil .?

It is the fault of the Dems that we cannot drill in our backyard when we have so much oil , oil shale and natural gas . We could be off foreign oil in less than five years if allowed to drill off the coasts and Alaska, plus be allowed to remove the oil shale in Colorado . I guess they need a fall guy . Without subsidies the so called renewable energy sources would be killed , so they are a useless arguement against oil .

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  1. Chuck formerly known as Bob Says:

    read this ,more oil than mid east but but still tough to get.

    Oil shale deposits in Colorado and neighboring areas of Utah and Wyoming are estimated to contain 800 billion recoverable barrels, three times larger than Saudi Arabia’s proven reserves of conventional crude, and the equivalent of 40 years of U.S. oil consumption.

    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2006/09/04/MNGIEKV0D41.DTL#ixzz0ZPLzfbRE

  2. maxmom Says:

    Oil is going the way of the horse and buggy. It is not the future.

  3. iamct01 Says:

    Becasue weather it is a republican or democrat it is if you are not a company would you please get me a cup of tea.

  4. Sidra Says:

    they dont.

  5. Tucking Fypos Says:

    "We could be off foreign oil in less than five years if allowed to drill off the coasts and Alaska"


    I figured I’d link to something the haters might actually read.

  6. pinky Says:

    some one snitched us out. the cops came they were looking for a badassmof’cker and a retard.they got me, so grab your helmet and crayons and RUN!

  7. Zap Says:

    Actually, your argumnent here is completely useless as it makes absolutely no logical sense.

    (Hey, Tucking…I’ve got one for you…we COULD have paid down our national debt if Bush didn’t waste the Clinton Budget Surplus. Funny how anything COULD happen but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will.)

  8. Obama's Nobel Peace Prize :) Says:

    lets build an oil refinery in your back yard.. then you will find out the answer.

    hope you have excellent health insurance.

  9. Colonel Jack Fessender (Ret.) Says:

    Being "addicted" to domestic oil is awesome. Why can’t Democrats see that? FACT.

  10. Darwin Says:

    There is not enough oil in North America to satisfy the USA demand. Get serious.

  11. blue317 Says:

    Because they don’t want the oil companies to get any richer….remember the democrats are for wealth distribution….not for capitalism or profit….and more importantly….they are not for America….

  12. Old School MC Says:

    DUDE if we drilled our oil it would only be 2% of oil we use. LOL

  13. Ed Says:

    We do? Hmmm, I guess you were not old enough to remember it was a Democrat that was responsible for the installation of solar panels on the White House, and a republican that was responsible for them being taken down.

  14. g Says:

    so, you’re cool with paying like $10 a gallon?

    well, actually that doesn’t matter, because no one else is cool with that…

    oil shale is hard to turn into gasoline… makes it expensive…it would NEED SUBSIDIES to survive… lol… so as you said it’s a "useless argument"

    but liberals want to move BEYOND oil as an energy source… just go ahead and take the next step…

  15. shortbus Says:

    because they have their futures invested in that oil on US soil and they don’t want to give the indians the royalty money they will be owed from the sale of the oil.

  16. whimsy Says:

    No, production of domestic resources is further away than five years…

    Further, it would be unwise and strategically foolish to consume our last remaining reserves.

    We could improve our national wealth and save 25-40% of our consumption merely by simple efficiency upgrades. The remaining energy then could be realized from alternative sources.

    I fail to understand why conservatives want to be dependent on oil companies when we have the chance for personal independence as it relates to energy

  17. Proud Texan Says:

    You have obviously been mislead Democrats are the only reason you are not paying $10 a gallon for gas.

  18. 60 min man Says:

    just like with the gov, that is how they control the ignorant masses, bribes with entitlement programs was just the beginning. owe-bama said our energy cost would necessarily double. here it comes.

  19. David H Says:

    We drill here all the time. We won’t be off foreign oil because the oil that is drilled here is sold on the world market. Unless you are planning on nationalizing our oil, that won’t work. Oil companies have no desire to flood the market and cut their profit margin. Oil shale is only practical when the price of oil gets very high. Oil from shale is much more expensive to extracted than drilled oil.

  20. submetropolis Says:

    actually you are kind of getting this wrong. The Democrats want to replace oil with Green technology but then tax the crap out of us for it.
    The republicans want to keep us dependent on foreign oil because most of them are on their board of directors and get kick backs.

  21. grob Says:

    They don’t. If the right weren’t so interested in demonizing scientists they’d realize that we use far more oil than we have.

    Or, put it another way, do we have more oil than Saudi Arabia? Pretty sure we don’t.

  22. Face of the GOP Says:

    Shale oil is too expensive to recover for it to be worth it, unfortunately. And there is no way that, even if we did drill in Alaska, we would have enough oil to wean ourselves off the middle east teat. We import 1 billion dollars worth of oil EVERY DAY from the fundamentalis arabs who hate us, and trhe Republicans are doing nothing to stop it, while Democrats are. This is odd, since historically the GOP has been the "foreign policy" party.

    The Republicans seem to have decided that since they don’t like Al Gore, they will do nothing to curb our use of fossil fuels. Whether or not you believe in Global Warming (which is hard to ignore if you have half a brain), the practical result is the same: less oil use. Republicans are fighting that tooth and nail, which as you point out yourself, is terrible for national security.

    By putting the interest of their party before their country, the Republicans are endangering our national and economic security.

  23. fts1939 Says:

    Maybe our politicians are on the payroll of OPEC.

  24. paulie2shoes Says:

    I’m sorry to break the news to you but America’s oil production peaked around 1970 and has been slowly declining. There just isn’t that much domestic oil around. World oil production is nearing its peak, which means half the oil is out and the rest is harder to get out. (The reason we invaded Iraq specifically to get control of their oil) . However did you know that tons of gas wells are being drilled in Pennsylvania, in a geological feature called the Marcellus Shale. It should buy us a few more years, but like you I am concerned about our energy dependence on foreign sources.