Why does Bush insist on Drilling ??

If he is so intent on doing something NOW, why doesn’t he just freeze the price of gas at a decent price???
Or put more of the existing rigs in TEXAS to work if he wants more oil????

Drilling for oil in our oceans, and trying to drill for oil in Alaska, is NOT the solution for high prices of oil and gas!!

Why is the environment always the first to be sacrificed for the economy???
Why can’t there be another answer, beside drilling for oil in pristine areas???????
This is what I like most about this site! You ask a serious question, and you always get the smart@ss remarks!
I don’t need a degree in economics to know that I don’t want Bush to screw us up more than he already has!
This is what I like most about this site! You ask a serious question, and you always get the smart@ss remarks!
I don’t need a degree in economics to know that I don’t want Bush to screw us up more than he already has!
And the prices Can be frozen! Carter did it in the 70’s!!
So it IS an option!1

16 Responses to “Why does Bush insist on Drilling ??”

  1. level4 Says:

    You cannot freeze the price of gasoline, if the price of the crude oil from which it is refined is allowed to go higher. If you manufactured clothing, and the price of your material went up, would you still sell your clothing for the same price? We also do not have the ability to refine more crude oil. There has not been a new refinery built since 1976. There are plans for some refineries to expand but those plans are being blocked by the eviro’s. Truthfully, the environment will not suffer as we make the transition to alternative fuels, regardless of the nonfactual horror stories that they spin. But we need to start to drill at the outer continental shelf before the Russians do. They have a horrible record when it comes to environmental safety, but they will take the oil anyway, which equates to less oil for the U.S., and more chance of a spill. As far as the pristine area in Alaska, ANWR comprises about 20 million acres of land, of which only 2,000 can be drilled. One other answer is nuclear energy, but that has met just as much resistance. Maybe ethanol, but that would cost more than gas.
    We have the technology to responsibly recover over 250 billion barrels of oil, and the day that congress okays it, you will see the price of gas start to go down. That is the answer.

  2. WannaHug? Says:

    because he saw you in that sexy dress


  3. JHox Says:

    ***rolling eyes***

    nevermind…not worth it

  4. Griggnax Says:

    Because we’re addicted to oil, and as everybody knows, when you’re addicted to something, the best solution is to get more of it.

    Only a cokehead could understand his logic.

  5. To the moon Says:

    He can’t freeze the price of gas.

  6. Jeff Smoker Says:

    Freezing the price of gas isn’t even a viable option. The answer is we need to do it all. Develop new technologies as we recover our natural resources. Drilling for oil does not equal environmental destruction. Just ask the super rich folks who live in Beverly Hills which is dotted with oil wells. Oh my! How on Earth do they survive?

  7. duff16oz Says:

    Bush cannot freeze the gas price. The enviroment has to suffer sometimes because that is where the oil is. Gas will be 6 bucks within 2 years!

  8. Jeff T Says:

    There’s two approches that need to be taken: Short-term and Long-term.

    The short-term approach is to drill more.

    The long-term approach is alternative energy.

    If we had started in 1978 (during the last oil crunch), then maybe, just maybe, the alternative fuels might have been developed by now.

    But if you start now, and expect results this year, you’re either dreaming or running for office.

  9. rhino9joe Says:

    It’s called the Grand Oil Party… and if you aren’t among the "haves and have mores" you aren’t invited.

  10. nextgenerationliberty Says:

    He wants to do something to improve his image, and he wants to do it NOW! The more obvious solution to invest in alternate resources won’t come into fruition until he’s well out of office.

    In short, salvaging what reputation he has left.

  11. been there done that Says:

    Why did the PNAC direct Ronnie & DADDY to declare so much area off limits? Why did junior endorse those decisions and restrict an even greater numbers of potential sites?
    As the price escalated why did this (mis) administration wait so long before doing something positive to reduce our dependency on foreign oil?

  12. ishouldbeworking! Says:

    your concern is understood.
    however…the move to alternative energy sources will take considerable time to accomplish.
    in the mean time we need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, which could be accomplished by producing more of our own!
    our dependence on foreign oil is actually a threat to our economy and potentially our independence.
    there ARE other answers…and the sooner we get going on them the better…but becoming less reliant on foreign oil as soon as possible is important too!

  13. hironymus Says:

    Amazing. You make 4 different statements and you are dead wrong on every one of them. Sometimes you just have to think before you write something.

  14. driveranderson Says:

    Because the Oil Price you see in the window on the TV is a Future price. Freezing the price will make you walk to work. It is a solution because not only will it add to the world Market it will affect the price at the Dock in New York. Where your price is based. The Environment should be sacrificed because your Eco-idiots sue any one expanding a refinery or producing domestic oil. Even your eco friendly plans won’t lower the Ocean or reduce the the temperature which has been declining sinse you have been talking green and doing nothing.

  15. Last Ranger Says:

    Because it is the answer.
    Just for you . . really simple . . .
    high demand, not enough supply, price goes up.

    By the way our oil companies are not owned by the government. Although the dems have suggested that also.

    Also please note Bush is not king of the world and cannot control companies own in foreign countries.
    BP – British
    Shell – Dutch
    Texaco – Saudi
    Citco – Venezuela

    ANWR – is the featheriest thing from ‘pristine’.

    Now turn in you degree in economics.

  16. greenman Says:

    Bush wants to drill where the oil is.

    There is more oil in the Bakken Formation than there is in Arabia, Iraq, and Iran combined. We will be drilling there soon.

    It has to be recovered using horizontal drilling to be removed efficiently. Oil has been taken from the BakkenFormation for years, but not in the quanitys needed.