Why does it have to be this way?

How about this. Steps to make a better planet.
1. Create jobs by building schools.
There should only be 20 children per class. That is a lot of schools/JOBS. Teachers, janitors, counslers, ect. More school per year, not the bare minimum!
2. Dissassembale Army equipment, tanks and other needless battle ships.
Get the planet together and build a mining ship for space. Someone has to start and others will follow. MORE JOBS!
3. People need incentive for #1&2.
Tax breaks on food, healthy food, no junk food.
4. Create money by rasing taxes on fast food, tobacco, and other products like this.
This is what is hurting our civilation, cheap unhealthy products. Lower taxes on all produce and meats. This will create jobs because we will use more of these products instead of cheap poison to fill hotdogs and cheap burgers with.
5. Turn down the ability to use EBT cards for anything but healthy food.
We are teaching our children they can do just enough to get buy and the government will provide. Some takeout places even take EBT cards now. HOW IS THISW HELPIING? You can even buy soda and candy with them, no wonder America is fat! Milk, juce, eggs, bread, fruit, veggies. These are what they need to be used for.
6. Make all gaming consoles contain a chip that only allows for a hour of play per day.
7. Fast food commercials need to be done away with.
We need to show people a better way to live rather than show how quick it is to get unhealthy food. If we make everything easy and easier at some point in the future we might never leave the house.
8. Instead of worrying about nudity and new swear words on TV lets make every TV channel 25% educational.
Another meathod of teaching children instead of trying to "protect" them. If children see a little nudity every so often instead of keeping them in a box maybe it will not be so bad. Americans keep children closed off so early and then wonder why they start to experement sexually earlier and earlier in their lives. Have kids @14, 15, or16. Swear and become disrespecting.
9 Make unemployment harder to get.
All people have to do is blow an interview and put an application in the same few places and still be on unemployment. Help by haveing a class once a week to the unemployed in order to motivate and insure peoples knowledge that haveing to be on unemployment is not a good thing.
10. Stop all oil drilling.
If we force the issue we can further devolpe better means of energy. I wish us to be the first country not to depend on natural gas, oil and other fossil fuels. Lets use, the sun, wind, and the ocean instead. Some might say this is not enough, well maybe we need to use less in our homes.

Noone said change is easy but if we are always afraid of change and something new we will always be the greedy, self-centered race we are. We americans are the apittamy of this yet we wonder why the world hates us. Lets keep pushing our ideas on others and keep being afraid of change so we can all go nowhere.

4 Responses to “Why does it have to be this way?”

  1. TempoOne Says:

    I hear Michelle Obama has openings with her and Barry’s newly created Food Police. Perhaps you should apply. You would fit right in. LOL.

    The rest of us prefer F-R-E-E-D-O-M to make our own choices, even if we screw up!

  2. Jack P Says:

    It’s a losing battle and will be a losing battle until and unless humans find a way to cease increasing their population numbers.

  3. curious115 Says:

    I’m in.

  4. PoohBearPenguin Says:

    It’s not just that simple…

    1: Sure more schools, more teachers. But who pays for it? Yeah, ok, the richer areas could afford this – and in fact they already have more schools/teachers. But what about the poorer areas? Schools and teachers are funded directly by local tax money. No tax money, less money for education.

    2: Cut spending to the military – this is exactly what Clinton did in the 90s and arguably was the reason we ended up with such a big surplus by the time he left office. Unfortunately, you could also now argue that he cut back too much, leaving us undermanned for today’s conflicts.

    The military has become a lot more efficient and budget minded. You don’t hear about things like $900 toilet seats and $50 hammers, as you did back in the 80s and 90s. However waste and inefficiency exist at all levels of government, not just the military. The government needs to be more aggressive at cleaning up its act.

    3. Incentive – sure. But that’s usually in the form of money, and money has to come from somewhere. Government funding? Sure, but then, how do you expect the government to pay for it?

    4:We already don’t pay taxes on food. Fast food, yes, but not groceries. Taxes on cigs and other "sinful" items is already pretty high. It hasn’t stopped people from buying them.

    5: Define "healthy" food. Is meat considered healthy? Like, what about bacon, or hotdogs? They’re meat (well, hotdogs are mostly meat…) This is really a can of worms here. I think the real issue goes back to #2 and cleaning up abuses, mis-uses and waste within the government and its programs.

    6: I’d be for having consoles have the ability for parents to create and enforce a schedule for their kids, but having the government tell me – an adult – what I can and cannot do isn’t going to fly.

    7: Do away with – not possible. Regulate, perhaps by displaying the calorie or nutritional information, for the food(s) displayed – sure.

    8: The forced education thing didn’t work. What resulted was cartoons like G.I. Joe doing a 2 minute segment at the end of each episode. This allowed the network to claim that G.I. Joe was "educational." The whole system was ridiculous and openly mocked even back then. The segments themselves were laughably bad – search "GI Joe, Now you know" on YouTube and get ready to cringe at what happens when the government tries to control TV content.

    9: Have you ever been on unemployment? After a few weeks, you need to start documenting your job search, from what companies you submitted a resume or application to, to what interviews you had, etc. Also, if you were making more than $40k a year (which isn’t much!) you’ve already maxed out the unemployment benefit of $450/week. If you were making less than $40k, you get even less. I don’t know about you, but I make substantially more. While it was better than nothing, the very fact I was staring at bankruptcy within a matter of months was motivation enough to quickly find another job.

    10: Totally impossible. We don’t just use oil for fuel. It’s used in everything from shoes to fertilizers, etc. It’s one of the key ingredients in plastic – and how much stuff around you is made of plastic?

    Yes, we should be investing more into alternative energy sources, but these things take time. Sure, solar, but who’s going to pay for the panels which are pretty expensive? Even a household solar system – generating 3KW/H or so – is going to cost $20k, with an expected ROI of about 15 years. The problem is that the panels themselves only last 20 years, and those 5 years just isn’t going to generate enough money to pay for the replacement panels.

    So it comes back to a matter of costs and efficiency. Even if you say to the government to start giving out money as tax credits or incentives, that money has to come from somewhere.