Why does Pelosi want a tax increase vote but no vote on oil drilling?

Nancy Pelosi has called for a 10cent tax increase on gas because of a lack of revenue, due to a reduction of use. This was kept as covert as a congressional session could be, night session, so why if there is a lack of revenue would she not let Americans vote on drilling. She has stated this in public and in her new book. The revenue potential on, I could be wrong but 700 billion dollars staying here could help. maybe? And please answer intelligently. Inciteful rhetoric is so boring.
www. heritage.org-The Democratic Congresses 2008 budget

Yes a conservative site get over it. check the facts.
Joan can you site facts? Or just the party line.
Can I get a Factual site that says drilling will not lower prices. Every study out has shown it would have an immediate effect.
Pacifist some kudos to you but you still didn’t site all the facts of those how many actually have oil, how many are being used, production #’s, Facts are at your finger tips care to share?
Will the planes be electric too?
kat decent but wouldn’t that go against the party line that there is no supply shortage? And If allowed I’m sure the oil companys would put some of their "windfall profits" to work getting the oil. Some studies have shown that within 2yrs new oil could hit the market. And what about using the closed military bases for refining? If the local quickie mart can be put up inside a month I think a rig could be accomplished fairly quickly IF ALLOWED you forget all the regulations some needed that prevent this. Oh and that pesky BAN.
I read and pay attention Larry. Try it.

Sorry about the link
www.heritage.org in the issues page.

25 Responses to “Why does Pelosi want a tax increase vote but no vote on oil drilling?”

  1. Stop Ranting Says:

    Because the "9% appoval rating" democrat dominated congress WANTS a fuel crises to try to force Obama down our throats. They have done NOTHING to resolve this issue except lie about environmental issues and time lines for drilling. Ask yourself, what have they done for alternative fuels? Nothing. Bush, on the other hand, has asked for and gotten approved, more money on alternative fuels than any other president. I know, I know, CNN and NBC didn’t tell the liberals that part.

  2. Joan L Says:

    Because bridges are falling and killing people

    The oil drilling is a political scam. As McCain as well as Bush stated that drilling does nothing for 10 years and only gives you four cents off a gallon.

  3. goebbels Says:

    Accept the "change" and stop
    fighting it. Do not drill and never
    ask me about corporate bailouts
    or affirmative action.

    Besides, my money is in a safe
    bank out of this country. Let the chips
    fall where the may. I made a killing in
    this crazy mortgage banking scam.

  4. electra_glide_069 Says:

    She wants to tax all retirement gains in the stock market to pay for the illegals, to give them a better standard of living. She is the one losing the race for Sen Obama.

  5. JEFO Says:

    Because oil drilling is not going to bring home profits anytime soon.

    Some of you people act like we’re sitting on oil, this is not the middle east.

  6. _ Says:

    Because the oil platforms are going to get destroyed by hurricanes and then the coast of Florida will be covered in oil.

  7. Min from Burma Says:

    Pelosi is pain for USA

  8. aCeRBic Says:

    Great! We can be like europe paying over $10//gallon gas, all because of taxes that accomplish nothing/.

    did you know we already work from January to May paying taxes, arent we taxed enough? Do we not have enough entitlement spending as it is?

  9. guanete42 Says:

    I agree with you 100%, is this woman out to ruin her own country, sometimes I wonder why, she gets away with what she does. The demo congress is runing our country, day by day!! what should the citizens of the nation do, set back and watch!!!!. Glad to see you have a brain for these things, its always so refreshing!!! love those conservative’s!! good grief, someone has to care about whats going on in this country!! today and in the future!!

  10. Lindz Says:

    Supply and Demand. Less Oil, more money for all those government officials who have some tie to the oil business. I’m conservative, but just look at Bush. Oil mogul. Rich, because of the poor Americans who have to drive to work every day. You add more oil drilling, that’s more supply, and therfore, lower costs. Government will never go for that. They’re all invested in the oil business.

  11. alienofwar Says:

    Americans already have the cheapest gas prices in the developed world and drilling for oil won’t produce any results for another 8-10 years and even then, the oil coup be shipped to China, not to the U.S.

    Please, stop the fear mongering and lies.

    Meanwhile, your current Republican president managed to create a 600 billion dollar deficit, the rich are super rich now, while the poor are growing and our public infrastrcuture is falling apart.

    And yet you want to make corporations even more richer by drilling in environmentally sensitive areas????

    Have some compassion for your fellow Americans for once please.

  12. secondscotts Says:

    Because Nan has decided that we are to eat cake.

  13. indiana_state_university Says:

    Pelosi is right. Off-shore oil drilling is a political ploy to get more votes for old John McCain. It will eventually just result in more money for oil companies in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. The drilling will only help 15 years from now.. In 15 years, more than 50% of cars will be electrical. WAKE UP

  14. Alliekat Says:

    Gas taxes pay for repairs to our roads and bridges which are falling apart.

    Offshore oil rigs take 2-3 years to build. There will be no offshore oil in 1 year. It’s not possible.

    "Offshore, a jackup rig will take 2-3 years and a semi 3-4 years.

    Seeing that we just lost several shipyards along the Gulf Coast, well, the MODU’s might have to be made elsewhere, meaning more time. And just like their cousins onshore, offshore rig building slows or stops if there is any hint oil prices might decline…

    If you look at the rigs we lost in the Gulf this year, and then remove the 5 going to ARAMCO for their offshore project, we will be a few years just getting back the rigs we lost to the storms, and another few to replace those the Saudis leased. And that just gets us back to the number of rigs we had in 2004…"

  15. Larry Hussein S: AKA Larry S Says:

    Where are coming up with this newest trash?

  16. davejs1551 Says:

    Because oil is killing the planet, according to her.

    She is using flawed science to hinder a vote on drilling and INCREASE gas prices. Now I’m not saying that man made global warming is myth (i think it is so i really hate her now) but higher gas prices cause the price of EVERYTHING to increase. Now she wants to increase gas prices again, and remember Democrats have the little person in mind, glad to see they are helping the little person by increasing the price of everything.

    (sorry about the rhetoric, I’m a little angry about that)

  17. Lame Reality Says:

    Because Pelosi and Barry think it their job to wean us off of gasoline, and that is the way to do it. They think if we all pay more we will use less.

    It is also a way for her to soften the blow, to prepare us for losing upwards of 33% of our paycheck if Barry becomes POTUS.

  18. amazin'g Says:

    We conserve…as we were told we should. So, our reward is…more taxes! Congress(Democrats), after all, needs LOTS of our money so they can do what THEY want with it. They have clearly lost sight of why they were hired and who hired them. I say, fire the bunch starting with Pelosi!

  19. Pacifist Warmonger Says:

    You are quite right.

    But you should honestly ask yourself something else.

    The oil companies in America currently have 68 million acres available for drilling in just the 48 Continental States (all states excluding Alaska and Hawaii) alone. They have another 4 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico. And they are drilling NONE of them. NONE AT ALL.

    If this really was about supply and demand and lowering oil prices for them, don’t you think they’d be on that drilling right now?

    Why aren’t they?

    Its up to you to try to figure that one out, but logic would say there is some other reason besides trying to help you and me out as to why they are after ANWR and the Gulf of Mexico. Otherwise, they’d already be drilling on what they have right now while they fight for ANWR and the Gulf of Mexico.

    What is it?

  20. Tom S Says:

    Katrina proved that Hurricanes do not destroy platforms.nice try.I hear all the Rhetoric about we won’t get any oil for 10 years out of new drilling,well you have to start sometime.At a time when America is suffering from high oil prices,the Dem’s want to tack on another 10 cents.They sure are in touch with the middle class America.It is time for America to start looking for ways to help ourselves get off of imported oil,why not start new drilling.It looks like the only drilling Pelosi wants to do is in our wallet.

  21. NOTOBAMA Says:

    Because Nasti Peelosy is ignorant SOB. If it would be her way, she will make it $5.00 tax increase. She does not have to pay full price.

  22. Mike Says:

    She would vote no on new oil drilling because it wouldn’t benefit the American people.

    Currently oil companies have leases on lands that are projected to have oil. They are not drilling on these lands now. The reason why is simple, it will cost them money. They are currently making easy money with speculative trading. You can buy oil futures low today, and then bid up price and sell the options without every having to ‘drop’ a platform. You don’t have to hire well hands, or buy equipment, just push paper.

    Exxon is selling its networks of gas stations. Why you ask, because it will not have any overhead in managing and they and make more money just in being oil handlers.

    New refineries are not being built because these companies can control the demand/price of gasoline without and investment in infrastructure.

    I couldn’t find the exact link source to your question. So I could not verify your claims of this new gas tax how it will be applied.

  23. Andrea C Says:

    I searched Heritage.org and couldnt find the article. but if its true why are any of you surprised, your government uses you as cattle. Your money is THEIR money they just let you have some of it. In november we can rattle the cages push some people out of office and hope for Integrity ( im sorry I sound so negative, but Right now its how I feel) this is not a dem rant or a republican rant its an anti govt rant

  24. rad 1 Says:

    Because she’s an IDIOT.
    Example; guess what liberal sanctuary city is in her jurisdiction that harbors illegal aliens who have killed American citizens?

    San Francisco!

  25. y n Says:

    taxes are a necessity in a socialist government. you may have to get used to more and more taxes. depending on how long the socialists are in you will have to get used to more government control in every facet of your daily life as if there wasn’t enough already. get used to the idea of a lower standard of living socialism means a mediocre lifestyle for everyone save the government people. at least you won’t have to worry about handouts that is how the socialists keep the pigs happy.