Why does texas have a $11 billion deficit…they are a very high tax state and sieze 5% of all oil dirlled?

By JAY ROOT, Associated Press Writer Jay Root, Associated Press Writer – Mon May 17, 9:06 am ET
AUSTIN, Texas – With the state facing a budget shortfall of at least billion, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has spent almost 0,000 in public money during the past two years to live in a sprawling rental home in the hills above the capital, according to records obtained by The Associated Press.

Texas has the 2nd highest property tax, the 3rd highest sales tax at 8.25%, a 1% corp tax and a 5% tax on all oil drilled

Texas siezes 5% of all oil produced…there’s a 4.6% tax on the market value of all oil/gas drilled…without oil taxes, TX is like KY, a broke hillbillly trash state

Texas has the 2nd largest property tax rate in the usa only second to NY http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/Taxes/Advice/PropertyTaxesWhereDoesYourStateRank.aspx

Texas has the 3rd highest sales tax at 8.25%

Texas also has some of the highest crime rates in the usa

17 Responses to “Why does texas have a $11 billion deficit…they are a very high tax state and sieze 5% of all oil dirlled?”

  1. libsticker Says:

    All those illegals taking it’s toll on the Texas economy. Just like in California, Arizona, and New Mexico. Illegals cost these states billions a year to deal with and it’s a reoccurring cost that they can not get away from without shutting down the border.

  2. I love the Kenyan Says:

    it’s the illegals taking jobs from us blacks na’mean niukkah?

  3. Rico Says:

    Maybe they are executing enough of their lawbreakers. They have the biggest record but maybe they’re slacking off.

  4. Tigg Says:

    Same as every other government. They spend more then they take in.

  5. Mark Says:

    Your information is so incorrect! Texas has NO income tax and is NOT the most taxed state!
    You are like the white house, you make up your own numbers.

  6. Go Ahead, Make My Day Says:

    Spending accounts for the deficits.

    Illegal immigrants account for the high crime rates.

  7. Sonny Says:

    so how much do you pay in state income tax. Associated Press is your first mistake propaganda is not truth

  8. Bob G...The return of Says:

    Its the economy, stupid. Look at the tax rates in other places, like California, and compare. You also have to remember that Texas does not have a state income tax, unlike most other states. You are only showing part of the taxes and claiming it gives all the answers. Typical for liberals!

    It’s overall taxes that you need to look at. And Texas is cutting spending left and right to resolve the problem.

    I’ll ignore the truly ignorant remark about hillbilly trash states as you obviously are only spouting what your messiah and his minions have told you. You don’t know any better.

    Of course we have a high crime rate, we also have an awful lot of illegals in this state. Have you not seen the facts about illegals and crime rates?

    Must be nice to feel justified to rant and misrepresent things so you can feel sooooo superior.

  9. Bill G IV Says:

    Two words – Illegal Aliens

  10. Patrick G Says:

    You’ve tried propagating this lie before

    New England
    New Hampshire
    New Jersey
    New York
    Rhode Island
    Washington and

    All have higher average property taxes than Texas.


    Sales Taxes are imposed by individual counties and cities. The actual state sales tax is different. The Texas STATE sales tax is 6.25 percent. 11 states have higher sales taxes than Texas


    Texas historically has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.

    The liberal haven of Washington DC where only criminals carry guns holds the distinction of having the highest violent crime rate in the country. DC nearly doubles the number of violent crimes in the number two state South Carolina.

    Why do you lie? Or, as a liberal, don’t you bother to do any real research? Do you just make up numbers and expect people to believe you?

  11. vwvw30 Says:

    1st: Illegals are a huge part of it , coupled with the FEDERAL Laws which force us to provide Free Social Services to Federal Law Breakers.

    Austin has Schools where 45%+ of the Students Cannot read,write or speak English. Yet we are forced to continue to have to pay to keep this failure running: not only running but growing.

    2nd: Economic Slowdown has (and will continue to) reduce revenue. Texas has not been hit as hard as many other states but it has hurt and when spending is not reduced–especially on Social Programs, shortfalls happen.

    There are many others, but here are 2 to chew on!

  12. rz1971 Says:

    One thing you missed as well is that some idiot loon burned the governor’s house in 2008 and will cost millions to repair! That’s why Perry has been living in a rental home. And I happen to know that we here in Texas do not have any income tax. Makes doing our taxes so much easier.

  13. tott1 Says:

    sales taxes are high but we do not have a state income tax, so that offsets the sales tax and moves more tax burden onto the illegal aliens that are in texas. they may work off the books but they do make purchases in regular stores. while perry is over spending on the rental house the state was supposed to provide him with the governors mansion and could not do it due to arson caused fire. so the public money must be used to rent something during the repair of the governors mansion. yes there are taxes on drillied oil that the oil companies pay but they do not have to pay a state income tax on the profit of refining oil drilled outside the state this has created a situation where we get tax money and jobs from the oil industry and they get a lower tax situation than they would in other states and it has helpd our economy for a long time it works. we have one of the strongest real estate markets through the mortgage crises compared to other states and lower unemployment than many states.

  14. Michael A Says:

    Just another left wing media spinner…

    no basis in fact…just delusional.

    Texas has 1,000 people a day moving in from other states. There’s a reason for it..

  15. larry stalcup Says:

    just trying to learn facts pertaining to the shortfall causing the deficit. all i found here as a lot of superflous accusations. i don’t know how one can solve real problems usless you can get past ideology and mindset and deal with the facts.

  16. rachael Says:

    texas is NOT a hillbilly state….ill have u know i have live in texas all my life and not once have i lived like a hillbilly or seen people live like hillbillies and just because texas has a lot of taxes does not mean it is a hillbilly state it just means that it does not have a balanced econmoy

  17. rachael Says:

    you need to get the facts right….by the way if you had hundreds, maybe even more, illegal immargants from mexico enetering you all the time them maybe you would have a high tax rate too…after all somebody has to pay for all the things they buy…..jerk