Why does the Drill Baby Drill crowd want so badly for oil companies to make profits from offshore drilling?

when none of them will ever see a penny of the profits?
They don’t own Exxon or BP. Most of them do not own a gas station.

So why do they go all moist about Exxon and BP making a killing, literally, in offshore drilling when we could be concentrating on renewable energy?

Does Exxon tip them on the side?

17 Responses to “Why does the Drill Baby Drill crowd want so badly for oil companies to make profits from offshore drilling?”

  1. rabidkitty Says:

    Hey, I’m all for Nuclear energy Grid like France.

  2. NYYanks1 Says:

    Because I don’t want to pay $10 a gallon for gasoline.

  3. The Cult of Personality Says:

    The "Drill baby drill" crowd doesn’t have a set amount of money that any one person or organization can make (ulike President Obama, who says that at some point you have enough money).

    It’s called "freedom".

  4. Caribou "QUIT" Barbieā„¢ Says:


    Most of the oil that is drilled from Alaska and the Gulf never, NEVER makes it here. It goes on the open market.

    Thumbs down me if you want, but it is a fact!

  5. Les Says:

    For the same reason Obama and most other Americans with 401Ks or other investment plans want them to make profits….could that even be you ? Hmmmmm…..

  6. U.S.Veteran Says:

    Because they think they are stockholders…


  7. liberals sequestered from truth Says:

    OBAMA told them to drill also.So whats the point here?

  8. JamalB Says:

    I own stock. I do make money. Doesn’t it suck being wrong?

  9. LCL Says:

    Because they’re stupid.
    If they bothered to think about it, they would support funding for alternative energy solutions but the oil companies own our politicians and the so-called "liberal" press controls the dialog.

  10. Tim's Wife Says:

    Campaign funds baby campaign funds.

  11. Gatun Says:

    1. What’s wrong with profits?
    2. Do you have an alternative energy source that is ready right now to fill the void if we stop using oil?

    We should research alternative energy sources but until one is found, what do you propose should take oil’s place?

  12. Forced to reuse Catheters Says:

    I’m not sure, If pump prices go up to 5 bucks a gallon you will see this economy stifle in it’s tracks. That said , I’m baffled as to why America or even Germany for that matter can’t come up with a better alternative than the the 100 year old oil based 4 cycle engine.

    As far as tipping goes, I know all politicians get money from big oil and Obama recieved 71K from BP

  13. madd texan Says:

    BP’s largest political donation was to Barak Obama.You’d be surprised how many people (teachers, policemen, firemen, ordinary people) own BP in their 401k’s. What do you have against making profit? That’s the purpose of business. If you don’t make a profit, to go out of business, unless you are GM or Chrysler, then the government bails you out and screws the bond holders out of their money, and gives 50% of the company to the Union.
    "Concentrating on renewable energy" is a noble idea, the problem is we need OIL until the "renewables" come online and become economically feasible.The left in this country is against ethanol (a renewable energy source), cars can’t run on solar or wind, electricity has to be made with fossil fuel or nuclear .
    You guys on the left think you can suddenly snap your fingers and the government will provide "alternative fuels", it doesn’t work that way.

  14. NoBaama Says:

    No Profits = No benefit to produce oil = Limited supply of gasoline = Extremely high prices for gasoline = no money for for food

    No food = violence

    Liberals = No Guns = those with guns will survive the violence = No liberals

    Drill Baby Drill- maybe I should reconsider

  15. Charlie Says:


    If they don’t profit, you don’t drive. Or it’s like Europe, where it’s too expensive to drive.

    And I’m all for alternative energy… just not the statist way where it’s forced upon the people prematurely at a great cost to them. When the technology develops, it will be feasible, otherwise, government subsidies are KEEPING PRICES HIGH by allowing people to pay more, and so prices stay high because why lower them when the energy companies’ pockets are being lined with taxpayer money!

  16. baxterville Says:

    We like using oil-based products, such as gasoline and clothing and computers. Last time I checked, the byproducts of windmills and solar panels couldn’t be transformed into products we use every day.

    And I don’t need to own an entire oil company or a gas station to own stock. Ask Al Gore. Despite all his whining about the evils of the oil industry, he hasn’t let go of his millions of dollars in Occidental Petroleum stock. If it’s okay for him to profit from oil companies, it doesn’t bother me a bit that millions of people with IRAs and investment portfolios benefit from them, since most of us don’t regard them as evil.

  17. StevieB Says:

    Would you rather see an American company drill on American soil, give jobs to Americans, and be successful, or would you prefer for us to continue to have to be buddies with some of the worst nations on the planet just so we can buy oil from them? HMMMM? Also, since when is it bad to support American businesses? Or are we supposed to make sure no company is too successful because that would not be very Socialist of us?