Why does the left want our foreign competitors to benefit from our oil spill disaster?

America cannot run or progress without oil products and shutting down offshore and other drilling simply hands our enemies and competitors a bonanza. High priced gas will eliminate jobs and thereby taxes coming into the all powerful federal gov’t. There is no alternative for oil for decades – windmills will not work on vehicles.

America has plenty of oil, but the fed gov’t refuses to lease 97% of the land for drilling.

Are the left and environmentalists so extreme to want out competitors’ demand to increase exponentially?

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  1. Peace through blinding force Says:

    Because the left is aligned with hostile foreign powers as shown by their never-ending fight to make us utterly dependent on them.
    This is why the left loves to spend our money on pilot programs and research but when an energy alternative shows promise they fight to PREVENT it use. No exceptions – ever.
    Democrats fight wind
    Democrats fight solar
    Democrats fight nuclear
    Democrats fight ALL means of producing energy DOMESTICALLY and demand we import energy from hostile foreigners – which is the most environmentally hazardous means of providing for our needs.
    ALL ecological debacles were knowingly made more probable by Democrats, knowingly made WORSE by Democrats and/or outright caused by Democrats or their counterparts abroad. Again – NO exceptions.

  2. gcbtrading Says:

    We have a responsibility to protect our environment. Screw theirs

  3. Josh Says:

    Dude, oil is liquid and fungible. What that means in economist-speak is that the price of oil is basically the same everywhere in the world, it’s one big market with one big price. It makes no difference whether we drill here or not, everyone will pay about the same for oil, everywhere.

  4. FLSwampBoy Says:

    "Misinformation on the Internet is, and will always be, a problem. And with the exception of librarians, information professionals, and some academics, many Internet users are ill-equipped to do a capable job of scrutiny."

  5. Dave87gn Says:

    There are no domestic oil companies, EVERYTHING benefits the foreign corporations

    thats why we think Palin is an imbecile, she thinks if we drill here, the oil stays here…its doesnt…the foreign oil companies put it on the world market with all the other oil

  6. ash Says:

    There are over twenty thousand leases out there, not being used. To the extent that the government has been considering a "use it or lost it" clause, if a major does not drill on their lease for a certain time, they lose it so it can go to a smaller company that will actually develop it.

    Try getting some facts before you parrot your fearless leaders of the right.

  7. eugene jeep Says:

    Great question ! It would be far safer and easier to drill in shallow water or on land ! However all the left tree huggers can’t have that ! So instead they are all up in arms about a deep water accident! Had this been in shallow water we wouldn’t have such a problem capping it !

  8. Françoise ♑ Says:

    What makes you think oil companies give us better prices just because they are American? They will sell it for the highest possible price as dictated by the world market. That’s capitalism.


    They want us to buy from their friends in the middle east.~

  10. tribeca_belle Says:

    Oil is sold on the open market. There is no guarantee that oil that is drilled here will be sold here. Also, in case you hadn’t noticed, companies drilling in our waters, such as BP, are foreign-owned companies. Your question does not make sense.

  11. Mother Hubbard Says:

    America could run and progress without oil products.
    You should not have enemies.
    No people are your enemies, you are not in any legally declared wars.

    The left is not rooting for your competitors to destroy America.
    The "left" is for clean renewable energy sources.

    Pushing for more drilling now is the right thing to do.
    Please do it loud and often!
    Shine that spotlight, right there, on the crime scene!

  12. Josey Wales Says:

    The democrats support foreign countries first, before ours. They have some mental issue that manifests itself with some kind of guilt complex. The democrats unobtainable utopian goal of perfect harmonious social justice is a plight upon the world. The democrats would prefer to squash our economic base in order to set a meaningless example to the world… for example is China. Their factories and cars belch out pollution, gobs and gobs of it, so the democrats want to give them money to curb it, then shackle our own people and economy with cap and trade. these democrats are indeed a wolf in sheep’s clothing, they are pied pipers drawing the lame in though behind them…. Just enough followers to create enough votes to do our nation the greatest of harm,.

  13. whiteflame55 Says:

    Alright, let’s look at the facts about drilling, shall we? Companies that have oil leases don’t use the majority of the ones they have. In fact, many rigs just don’t pull up oil, and many leases don’t even have rigs on them. Why is that? The main reason is because oil companies don’t want to dilute the market. They know very well that a vastly increasing supply of oil plunges prices down, which would be good for everyone else, but not for them. Now, your point is that we should give out more drilling leases. What would that do? Oil companies would sit on those leases as well, or just plain not buy them. They have no need to drill there, why should they? Lower supply with the same demand means higher prices, and that’s what they want.

    Think, please think, about what you say before you say it. You’re blaming the left and environmentalists for something they have no part in.

  14. King Mob Says:

    What generates more wind resistance than an automobile? Why not install wind turbines next to the headlamps?
    Cars are already being designed with solar panels.

    We are supposed to be the most innovative nation on the planet. Isn’t it time we start acting like it? It’s been nearly ten years since 9/11. If we were working on divesting ourselves from foreign oil THEN, we would be that much closer NOW.
    But it’s too hard! It will take too long!

  15. justagrandma Says:

    Please go down to the Gulf and clean a few birds, breath the foul air, help a family of fisherman pack up.
    Watch the prices rise as more people are out of work, and fish, shrimp and oysters die off.
    Watch and entire region of the country crumble and quite possibly become unfit for human life.

    Other countries actually have stronger laws than we do about the plans for an oil rig explosions and shut off of a malfunctioning well. We dropped the ball on that one, listening to people like you, who want to drill without any kind of planning about what happens if something goes wrong.
    Its come back to haunt not only us, but every country in the Gulf.

    Taking a little time to review and put in place protections is a good thing….a damn good thing. Even if its a little too late.

  16. stanleys_2001 Says:

    That’s my issue….

    The EPA sets up these RULES that makes it difficult to drill oil here… domestically.

    God FORBID we inconvience the CARABOU in ANWR. Or drill in areas that are less dangerous.

    Dependence on foreign oil is MUCH more important.

    It’s just IRONIC… they require it be dangerous… then when an incident occurs… they have the stones to say "see… this stuff is bad for us!"

  17. Sir Studley Smugly Says:

    There’s no alternative to oil for decades because America has been ignoring the problem for decades. This question is nothing new.

    The oil spill is in big part a result of the Amerian piggishness in the energy department – not foreign companies. Drilling 5000 feet below the surface of the ocean, without proven methods of dealing with a potential accident, is just begging to have some awful happen. That’s as stupid as running into a burning building because you don’t want to lose your crack pipe.

    "America is addicted to oil." – George W. Bush.

    Why would competitors’ demand rise exponentially because of this catastrophe? Your question makes no sense economically, or in any other sphere.

    Is there a full moon today, or have conservatives been eating brownies that the GOP’s been handing out? There’s been a whack of incredibly inane questions being asked on YA for the last day or two.

    PS. If you’re peeing orange – you need to see a doctor.