Why does the Obama administration focus on killing the BP well in stead of making the best use of all that oil?

That is a huge reservoir of oil & nat gas they found. Taking oil out would relieve the pressure over time decreasing the danger of spillage.

Having that supply pumping at full capacity, which is easy because it wants to come out under it’s own pressure would bring down oil prices & help every economy in the world except for competitors like Soros & his oil company Petrogras who Obama got 2 billion $ for deep deep drilling, while at the time blocking US oil companies.

I have to say, also the delaying & obstructionary tactics by the Obama administration are very funky smelling. They denied & or delayed every aspect of clean up of the spilled oil. This is just like Watermelon environmentalists, and Prog tactics in general create a problem or fraudulent cause & use it like they did with the snail darter & spotted owl frauds. And what they did with the Credit Market by creating bad loans, packaging them into securities then blowing them up by blasting the economy with high fuel prices that democrats & their allies created by employing watermelon environmentalism & friends like Goldman Sachs & Meryl Lynch pushing oil futures to double real equitable value using investment frenzy techniques & recommending oil futures as a greed capture con, a get rich quick scheme. While at the same time pushing bad mortgage backed securities while playing them & oil futures short & making billions on losses of their clients who they used to help blow up the fuel price detonator which blew the credit market bomb which blew up the economy. The idea that all of that executed by the same people was some how just innocent and not deliberate? Odds are like hitting the big lottery power ball 2 consecutive times.

They continue to put the statistics on a conspiracy to destroy the US economy into higher and higher probability, until now it’s a near certainty. It’s the same players, the same bunch profiting both financially & politically on a number of scams which involve governing bodies, politics & the media over & over again. All are involved in politics, cap & trade & connected to banking & banking scams (like Soros being gifted a bank that Chuck Schumer caused a run on by lying about it’s condition, then Soros was helped to gain control gaining a huge % profit on the deal. Something like What was done to Washington Mutual.)

When you take a look at all that’s being done it boils down to globalist players and Progressives in the government & media pushing constantly for a goal that becomes more evident the more they progress. It’s at the point now they are almost totally in the open. You can follow it if you will, while they still have their shills out propagandizing & misleading in the media.

They are going to crush your system, your country as you know it, and you are going to be poor and they will have you under their thumb, just as they want. If we don’t get a mass waking up, were screwed. They just passed the means to hammer fuck any possible chance of economic recovery, and they didn’t read it either.

5 Responses to “Why does the Obama administration focus on killing the BP well in stead of making the best use of all that oil?”

  1. pznbob Says:

    Yep, all of that oil that’s already found & drilled, ready to flow into the economy & bring down fuel prices they want to kill. Just like a bunch of Watermelons, while Soros is looking to tap the same reservoir with his oil company Pertrogras.

  2. Pubs let Fox think fer dem Says:

    Why can’t BP clean up it’s OWN mess?!

    "Conservatives" "SAY" they want government to stay OUT of private company’s affairs !

    Yet they "SAY" Obama isn’t doing anything :-)

    But, if Obama DID step in, "Conservatives" would accuse him of "trying to take over the world!" :-)

    Ignorant lying hypocrites!

    It is BECAUSE "Conservatives" blocked tighter oil well regulation that this kind of thing could even happen! Until recently, "Conservatives" have been SCREAMING "Drill, baby, drill!!!"

    PLEASE do everything you can to keep the hateful, lying "Conservative" hypocrites from weaseling their way back into power in the future!

  3. Ditto the Hutt Says:

    If you "Kill The Well" what are you going to do to release all the pressure that would be building up?

  4. Ned Penisdragon Says:

    I don’t know what you expect from Obama. The oil is on the bottom of the sea, idiot.

    Of course, everything else you say is a right wing nut conspiracy, so you’re probably retarded and poorly read.

  5. Wooglet Voot Says:

    The amount of oil in that well would only add up to about 4 days of use. I can live with oil at its present price. At this price it is profitable to mine the oil in the oil shale in the west. There is enough there to provide us all we want for 3-500 years. Lets use that and leave the Gulf alone. We need food and oil, not oil instead of food.

    I realize now that the Gulf is worth more just the way it is than all of the oil under it.