Why does the price of Natural gas go up?

It is produced here and there isn't much refinement is there.

2 Responses to “Why does the price of Natural gas go up?”

  1. alwayswondering Says:

    People aren't farting enough to produce methane gas.

  2. andrew.ivan Says:

    Ok heres a story for you. America likes to borrow money. We borrow so much, in fact, that guess what? People don't want to let us borrow any more! So, we raise our interest rates… creating a greater daily increase on the debt. We gave the other countries USD sort of as an IOU. The value of the US dollar is going down compared to other countries… thus making everything we buy from other countries more expensive. Most of our problems (were) from oil. But now it's all coming from Iraq… but hey there's oil there!