Why does the USA Media refuse to call BP by the original Corporate name: British Petroleum?

The Royals receive millions in USA dollars to pave the way with American Presidents for Good Oil drilling locations in our Gulf. BP discovered Oil in the Middle East in the the 1930’s or earlier. BP refused to drill in Irag.

10 Responses to “Why does the USA Media refuse to call BP by the original Corporate name: British Petroleum?”

  1. SINCE87 Says:

    they don’t want everyone to realize that the money made off our natural resources are benefiting another country’s economy.. yes, its our workers also benefiting, but i feel it should also be American owned because this is a recourse that will eventually run out, its not like cattle…

    this may be something i can be persuaded on this if i had all the facts in front of me because im sure we do the same..

    the media is uninfomative but it is a more simplistic way of saying it..

  2. Bad Αss Says:

    Because British Petroleum’s not the name of the company. Duh.

  3. Frauloon Bachmann Says:

    seriously, who cares? BP/British Petroleum/Amoco? Who cares about the distinction?

  4. CIA Says:

    Because it’s BP

  5. danrathersdrunkagain2 Says:

    They don’t use Obama’s middle name, either. They do for every other American president.

  6. Logic / Reason / Evidence Says:

    It’s easier to say. And if something is British it doesn’t mean the Royal Family must own it.

  7. Ben Says:

    BP is easier to say and write.

  8. tonalc2 Says:

    Because their corporate name is BP as of 2000. Before that it was BP Amoco.

  9. MarcThyme Says:

    Because the "original name" belonged to a Crown-owned entity, not the current publicly-owned corporation.

    Maybe you weren’t in school the day they explained that?

  10. Gorkbark Porkduke Gefunken Fubar Says:

    The name of the company is BP, and NOT British Petroleum. It went through a number of mergers and corporate changes about 10 years ago and it has been BP since then.