Why does'nt crude oil catch fire in a distillation tower?

Crude oil is heated to about 1250 degrees farenheit. It still doesnt catch fire. I understand that gasoline is ‘derived’ from crude and am not confusing the two. Still, the crude oil has enough flammability to catch fire if it touches a direct flame. Yet, it withstands boiling upto such high temperatures. How? Why?

4 Responses to “Why does'nt crude oil catch fire in a distillation tower?”

  1. tlbs101 Says:

    They go to great lengths to make sure the distillation tower is in an oxygen-free environment.


  2. Jeffrey S Says:

    Lack of oxygen.

  3. Nick F Says:

    you can’t have fire without oxygen

  4. Norrie Says:

    There’s no Oxygen in a distillation tower….
    However, should there be a pressure above atmospheric in the system, and there was a leak, then the temperature will be enough for it to ignite without an ignition source as it hit the atmosphere.