Why don't Democrats and Republicans do this?

Democrats concede to allow the USA to build 5-10 Nuclear Power Plants. The power plants would be built in areas that can get the most use out of the energy and in places that the heaviest reliance on coal and natural gas. They also concede to allow more drilling for oil (in shallower water were it is safer).

Republicans can concede a 7% tax increase on Gas and other petroleum products such as oil.

2% of the revenue from the gas tax would go to investments in Solar and Wind. 2% of the Revenue would go towards paying for the construction of the Nuclear power plants. The other 2% goes towards paying off the National Debt. 1% goes towards tax credits for converting your car to run on Natural Gas and getting more gas stations to provide refueling stations for natural gas cars.

This would benefit all sides. It would make a dent in our Trade Deficit and in the long run decrease the cost of fuel for cars. Less natural gas being burned = cheaper prices = more desirable to be used as a fuel in cars. Thus less people using gas = lower consumption rates = lower prices on gas.

It would also lower the Trade Deficit and increase our GDP thus increasing tax revenue making an even bigger dent in the Budget deficit.
Brad to some extent. The only reason the solar and wind investment is on there is to make it more appealing to Democrats. I know solar and wind can’t produce enough energy fast enough to meet our needs.

How ever burning Natural Gas in cars is a good idea. It’s not popular because of the lack of refueling stations and the cost of converting your car to it.

4 Responses to “Why don't Democrats and Republicans do this?”

  1. Dick Hed Says:

    Why? because they may have to agree with the other side once. God forbid they do anything sensible. Im not dogging on your question, Im just pointing out the fact that it might make some sense and the bone heads in Washington don’t want that.

  2. Chewy Ivan 2 Says:

    Compromise doesn’t work when only one side is willing to concede anything, and the Republicans refuse to concede anything.

  3. Heil Spellcheck! Says:

    Run for President, you’d have my vote

  4. Brad Says:

    This would only further distort our economy. What we need to do is end all subsidies for unproductive forms of energy and let the free market decide.