Why don't Fox Viewers know that the USA is drilling more oil and gas wells?

At any given time than the rest of the world combined?

Why are Fox viewers so uninformed?
@ consheeple bleating for the source: It’s called the Baker-Hughes rig count and it is the gold standard of the oil industry. If any of you had any knowledge at all on the subject, I wouldn’t have to spoon feed you like this.

9 Responses to “Why don't Fox Viewers know that the USA is drilling more oil and gas wells?”

  1. yahooligan Says:

    A recent study shows that FAUX News dolts are unsurprisingly the most misinformed of any sector of news watchers.

  2. mattle Says:

    Source, please.
    Actually, the source I was looking for was to substantiate the claim that Fox Viewers don’t know where the US stands in terms of global oil production….

  3. Obama spent 3 TRILLION $ Say What? Says:

    Because thats not true- Obama banned Oil Rigs off the gulf. Obama gave the EPA power to shut down Coal mines and they will very soon! . Your the mis-informed one! Obama tried to pass Cap and Trade many times- since our congress refused to pass it. Obama just went around them- and now the EPA will destroy our energy in America- Obama sucks!

    Don’t you buy Gas?
    Don’t you pay energy bills?
    Notice a rise in cost yet? What the?

  4. The Blunt Ugly Truth Says:

    Because the average Faux News viewer has a waist size larger than their IQ.

  5. .............. Says:

    sure is a nice source

    i like how all democrats call people names and think its an intelligent remark or response

  6. u_bin_called Says:

    some day I’ll have to watch Fox and see what it is you guys find so threatening…

  7. consrgreat Says:

    SOURCE PLEASE…oh you have none..typical liberal pulling claims out of your butt…

    Please explain how with a fed drill ban in effect in ANWAR and off shore we are drilling the significant number of wells we need or are you referring to the FEW that were a recent start in Texas?,,,but no where near the number of the rest of the world…HOPE AND CHANGE??? Yes we Hope you will Change and USE your brain someday

  8. Pelosi's Stinky Pussy Cat Says:

    this is misleading because most of our wells produce very very very little oil

  9. Marilon Says:

    If you dont like FOX than here is what you should.do there is a little button on the remote controle, all you have to do is push it. and turn them off. no one is forceing you to watch them.