Why dont the jews just give palestine ALL their land back?

If the jews would just surrender the government of israel to palestine and give all the land back, then all world problems will be over. Its simple. Palestine just wants their country back. Is that so much to ask for?

Im sure that once the land is given back to palestine that they will allow some jews to still live in palestine.

I think this is fair and what is right is right. The land does not belong to jews. They stole it along with the UN from the palestinians. SOLUTION: Give the land back to its rightful owners the palestinians

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  1. kritikos43 Says:

    Why so they can run it like they do all the rest of their land . in continuous War.

  2. Jenna A Says:

    i wish they wood give it back but only centemeters are left of it now.so even if they did give it back no one would want pay the money to rebuild:(:(:(:(:(:(:(and im from palestine by the way.

  3. mcavoy21 Says:

    Ending the crisis between the jews and the palestinians won’t solve all the problems going on in this world.

    Many people, especially the jews, would claim that the rightful owners are the jews, since they were there before the dispora.

    How would you feel comming home after being enslaved for hundreds of years to realize that your land has been occupied now?

  4. Dd Says:

    It really is that simple, there is only one thing standing in the way – Jewish greed

  5. Farly the Seer Says:

    The land never truly belonged to the Palestinians, who are actually Syrians. What is now Israel was never Palestine.

    It’s not about land, it’s about religion. The Muslims want the Jews dead. Muslims control 99.5% of the Middle East. Why do they need the small section the Jews live on? And since Palestinians are in actuality Syrians, why can’t THEY just go back to SYRIA.

    SOLUTION: Everbody get the Muslims to stop attacking everybody.

  6. Master Mike Says:

    I’m afraid it’s not that simple. See Israel thinks that that land is really theirs. And with all of the tension between the two nations for sooooo long, just giving the land back would be a mistake. Palestine would never give Israelis a designated place or anything, unless they were forced to by the UN. And the UN would never even consider it because then it would seem like they were favoring the Palestinians. And then any Israeli or Israeli supporter would be outraged and we’d then have a different problem with them. And how do we prove that Israel stole the land? Weren’t they given it? Weren’t there people all around the world crying out for an independent state?

  7. Kevin R Says:

    well minus the fact that the usa feels the need to keep the islamic world under its heel (or make believe that it does, oil consumption kinda reverses that) and that plan would totally work, but america just wont let it happen….

  8. rukidding Says:

    No, technically, the land is rightfully Jewish land. They lived there until the Diaspora in about 73 A.D. when the Romans expelled them from THEIR land because they fought the conquerors to get them to leave. So, they’re just coming back after quite a long exile. Perhaps, you need to read up on your Jewish history a bit more.

  9. fr_chuck Says:

    Well America could just give back America to the Indidans, or at least back to England.

    So also palestine could just give up and let Israel take over, and I am sure Israel will be glad to let them live there also.

    And of course Palestine would not let them live there, they want them dead, wiped off the face of the earth.

    Israels only mistake was not taking a bigger area way back then, and in trying to give back part of it this year in a peace agreement

  10. Caffeinated Says:

    This issue is not as simple as you portray. You say you are sure the Palestinians will allow some Jews to still live in Palestine. What makes you certain of this? Historically,this is very unlikely.

  11. SPLATT Says:

    Jews, and most other religions other than Islam, are not welcomed in many Muslim countries.

    Just look what is happening in Sudan & Darfur, and between Pakistan and India.

    Even the different sects of Islam don’t live peacably among each other. Sunni and Shi’ite kill each other quite happily in Iraq. They have for years, and will continue long after the US leaves.

    In addition the international community recognized Israel in 1948. UN Resolution 194.

    There are many Palestinians who live in Israel with no fear from the Jews who live there. In fact, many Israeli officials are Palestinians. During the ‘occupation’, the former mayor of Jerusalem was a Palestinian.

  12. medgeek Says:

    Sometimes what’s righteous isn’t necessarily the right thing to do. What’s done is done. Israel is a newly founded country that has the right to exist simply because it exists . I believe the problem with Israel is that their religious beliefs control their political actions. Live and let live is the answer to global conflicts but then we’re not talking politics here. It’s not fair to think that Israel must give up its existence.It’s not fair either to think that Palestinians have no right in the land. Both have to learn to live side by side peacefully because they both have the same right in that land.

  13. egoist_capitalist Says:

    I thought that the Palestinians came from Jordon, and are basically 5-decades old refugees. Why don’t the Jordanians take them back?

  14. jonnnboy Says:

    You need to get an education.
    Your facts are wrong.
    The land never belonged to Palestinians. Until 1967 the only group of people called Palestinians were Jews.
    Jews have always lived in Israel.
    Arabs tried to invade but lost – get over it.
    What is right is that the Arabs go back to Saudi and leave Israel alone.
    And stop being terrorists.

  15. bia bia Says:

    Yes, this should happen. The people who keep saying that Palestinians never had a Palestine make me sick. Palestinians are not merely the descendants of the Muslim Arab conquerors of the seventh century, but the cumulative stock that included all of the races that had entered and settled in Palestine since the dawn of history. They preceded both Jew and Muslim Arab, in addition to incorporating them. They were the true Palestinians. Unlike the Jews, they had never left.

  16. John Michalczyk Says:

    Well first of all the Jews already did give back some land a long time ago and the British tried to let both of them live in that country but i guess that wasent good enough for the palestinian’s either. So really this is all the Plaestinian’s falt. 9/11 Plaestinian’s falt if they just learned to deal with the Jews for a little while they would have gotten through it. Right?

  17. John Michalczyk Says:

    Well first of all, the Jews already did give back some land a long time ago.
    Second of all, the British tried to let both of them live in that country but i guess that wasent good enough for the palestinian’s either. So really this is all the Plaestinian’s falt.
    9/11, Plaestinian’s falt if they just learned to deal with the Jews for a little while they would have gotten through it. Right?

  18. emilie Says:

    Maybe they should all give it back to the Romans, you seem a little confused about your history.

  19. Moe Says:

    Well , Palestine was never an ” Islamic country , there is chiritianity , and jews and muslims. they lived peacfully before israel came along , also palestineans still live together outside palestine all around the world , and i know i would be talking in an unrealistic world , but hopefully Israel will be destroyed , palestineans will get there land back and live no matter what religion and what sect or race , as an arabic anti secterian country . Cheers

  20. Jackinsf Says:

    The Jews are the cause of all the worlds problems think about it no Jews no hitler no Jews we still have Jesus no Jews the Palestinians have there land back no Jews we would have more money Jews are the problem Jews are the reason the world suck the Jews are the problem think about it

  21. Dave Says:

    Why dont the Americans give back America to the poor indians
    they killed and slaughtered. Its the american indians who own the land

  22. benito Says:

    why dont americans give back what they stole from mexico and teach in their schools the truth about it?