Why don't they rename it?

Ok, this is a strange question, I live in a predominately black neighborhood and I’m White. There is a park in Nashville called hadley park They have a marker telling of the parks history, it used to be a plantation the owner was John L hadley, In 1915 the state gave the land to the African American community, but why did the Name Hadley stay in place? Couldn’t they of come up with something better, and why hasn’t anyone tried anything to get it changed? It just doesn’t seem right that a land given to the African American community has the name of a slave master bared on it.
Also even if it wasn’t named after John L Hadley and it was named after Dr. W.A. Hadley why even bring up John L Hadley in the first place?

5 Responses to “Why don't they rename it?”

  1. Barney S Says:

    You are on the right track, blast the question all over the internet, and somebody in Nashville who has the power to change it might take notice.

  2. Alphabeticalzetical Says:

    Well why haven’t you?

  3. Tedi Says:

    Have you ever thought that you don’t know the whole story behind the land?

  4. Mandy Says:

    Maybe because its his land and his family wants it that way and also possibly he wasn’t such a bad person before he died in order to give such a gift to a African American Community where he could of done the opposite. Not saying that I agree with it but looking for the positive in this.*

    Peace 2 ur mind

  5. Spookie Says:

    Pull your politically correct head out of your anal cavity, get over it, and worry about something important.