Why don't we drill our oil and gas reserves here now so we will not be so dependent on outside oil?

Yes I know studies show that we only have enough to last the country for 120 years, but those reports did not include the oil shale find in the northern midwest. This is going to be big and China has bought a one third stake in it.

Just seems it’s here and we need it and the country and her people sure need a break. We have the best environmental laws bar none so what is the problem?
Shale oil equals cost a barrel, yes they sure did cap it, more natural gas out there than you can shake a stick at and to drive prices up they capped them years ago. It may seem expensive but if we go green do you know what the payout on that would be 40 or more years and we don’t need to do it over night it must be done gradually.

We used to supply 70% of our oil needs and if that alaskan deal has that much oil then it is stupid not to drill it as it’s total area is 19 million acres of which only 2,000 land acres would be utilized out of about 380 million total acres. Report * shows this area would supply 20% of our daily oil needs, nothing to sneeze at.

* U. S. Dept of Interior Report 9/7/2005
Actually number of drilling rigs is down 60% in the Southeast to about 400. The giant King Kong rigs they make at Le Tourneau here in Mississippi have moved on from the gulf since that moratorium and takes a year to build more.
Hey 20% would certainly put a dent n it and also give us some breathing room. If we really want to stop bad pollution, then sell China the coal scrubbing technology as they use coal for electricity. We scrub or wash our coal and it removes 98% of the impurities. So one plant of the same mega wattage in China produces more pollution than 50 of our plants of the same mega wattage.

Sec. Clnton did go and talk to them about the pollution last year but they told her that most of it was because of American adn European industry that came there for cheap labor and to escape environmental regulations. They may have a point. They are like the kid on the block that is burning a tire all the time. You can google this but this acid rain was estimated to kill 550,000 children and elderly over there in 2010. It would be due to pulmonary problems and if you watched any of the Olympics when they were there you saw the smog and that was supposedly after the factories had been shut down for a w

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  1. Does this look unsure to you? Says:

    Actually, there is more oil in the Alaska region than there is in all of the Middle East. We can’t drill there because of liberal environmentalists who worry about a hypothetical (and false) impact on the environment. They don’t understand that the effects are minimal if any at all. For example, people worried about the moose during the alaska pipeline construction. They have since tripled in population thanks to its warm areas. Liberals want to keep us from drilling and have not provided any other way to reduce foreign dependence.

  2. Growth vs Oil Says:

    We will need that oil for industry use after gas is too expensive for cars.

  3. Bub Says:

    Why are you so desperate to stay on such an expensive source of energy? How foolish.

  4. wrfine Says:

    Already and still are. This is The United States. May be people on welfare and all but we do look out for our self first!!!!

  5. g Says:

    there are varrying reports saying different things…

    also oil shale is VERY hard to refine, which means it will be very expensive… people may not be big on the idea of $7 a gallon gas…

  6. Lodar of the Hill People Says:

    Because for some reason domestic oil is bad and foreign oil is better. Don’t ask me why, however, because that’s liberal logic and too hard for my simple mind to understand.

    By the way, shale oil is expensive only because we don’t have the infrastructure to process and refine it. Once we do, however, the price will go down. And it being so plentiful, it might go way down.

  7. Mother Hubbard Says:

    You are doing it.
    The companies can get about 30% of your oil from your reserves.

  8. Moe Green Says:

    we can’t get caught with our pants down,

  9. Dr. Zaius Says:

    where have you been? America is drilling full out – especially in the Bakkan area. Unfortunately all the oil under our feet – if brought to market at once – won’t alleviate our need for 18 to 23 million barrels per day. So even if we produced all the oil available to us – we would still be importing. So stick that in your suburban and rev the engine a while.

  10. Mr. Smartypants Says:

    Our whole energy policy is managed for the profits of a handful of corporations. Normally you’d think in a prudent, far-seeing democratic republic the purpose of energy policy would be to ensure a sufficient, affordable supply of energy well into the future. But no, we manage the whole business with our highest priority being for a few people to get filthy rich.

    So in the 1970s when OPEC caused oil shortages, we allowed the oi corporations to make huge excess profits so they could do more exploring for oil in the US. When they found deposits of oil they capped them, and they’re still waiting for the price to go up. Meanwhile we fight a war in the Gulf every ten years. This one has lasted almost ten years!

  11. Liz Says:

    Environmentalists are stopping it.

  12. Joe Finkle Says:

    We don’t have sufficient resources in the US to make a dent. Plus, the easiest resources to reach are already being drilled and, well, you saw what happened in the Gulf of Mexico. Imagine if we move to tougher resources to reach? And the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that wasn’t the worst spill on US soil either (the worst one was 100 years ago and it was about twice as much oil, the famous Exxon Valdez is #6 and it took 20 years for the fishing industry to recover).

    So why would we expand the drilling? If we won’t get enough resources to make any difference and we run a very real risk of economic and environmental devastation in the region, what’s the point?

    The reason so many people push for this is because drilling is worth a lot of money to the companies that do the drilling. They spend a fortune lobbying for it. We’re much better off with alternative sources, including some fossil fuels like natural gas, some oil where we need it, nuclear power in areas near sources of uranium where it can be contained relatively easily (like Nevada) and whenever possible green energy sources including wind, solar, tidal, and many others.

  13. John gibson @foxnews.crap Says:

    we are drilling our gas reserves , The drilling Equipment is being used and booked for a couple of years , business is booming, there is a shortage of qualified workers and materials in the natural gas industry. I own a small trucking company and all I do is natural gas related I have tripled in size in the last three years. I have signed contracts for all of my Equipment for at least the next two years

  14. mr danger Says:

    Unless you plan to nationalize the energy companies first then there is no such thing as "our oil "

  15. Paul Grass™℠ Says:

    we should and off shore too drill baby drill

  16. andypanda Says:

    We are not drilling because we are making the prezzzzzzzzzzzzz’s relatives filthy rich!!!