Why has Obama handled the oil spill disaster so horribly?

And keep in mind, this is coming from left wing Rolling Stone

"It was the most devastating assault on American soil since 9/11," writes Dickinson, a writer who, like the publication that employs him, normally leans left. "Like the attacks by Al Qaeda, the disaster in the Gulf was preceded by ample warnings—yet the administration had ignored them."

Dickinson charges the Obama White House with allowing the agency dedicated to regulating the oil and gas industry—the Minerals Management Service (MMS)—to function more as a lapdog than a watchdog for the industry. Worse, Dickinson asserts that the administration has, from the outset, done everything in its power to downplay the significance of the spill, while doing little to prevent future disasters from occurring down the line.

Prior to his election, Obama had vowed to reform the MMS dramatically. Nevertheless, as Dickinson notes, "Obama left in place many of the top officials who oversaw the agency’s culture of corruption" that took root under the "industry-friendly regulations drafted during the Bush years."

He says that the MMS under Obama basically rubber-stamped any and all drilling requests by oil companies—and most notably those submitted by BP, which even prior to the spill boasted the worst safety record of any oil company in modern history (Since 2007, BP has received 760 citations for "egregious and willful" safety violations that were "committed with plain indifference to or intentional disregard for employee safety and health," Dickinson writes. Just one similar citation was awarded among all the other oil companies operating in the United States over the same span.)


14 Responses to “Why has Obama handled the oil spill disaster so horribly?”

  1. Disher5 Says:

    … So you admit your complaint against our guy was that he didn’t clean up the mess your guy made of the MMS — quickly enough for you?

    And you don’t see the irony in that?

    That’s hysterically funny!

    You owe me a new keyboard for this one.

  2. Jamie Says:

    the answer is his cap and trade bill he is trying to pass..

  3. Super Yorkie Power! Says:

    It wasn’t on US soil. It was in international waters. I can’t wait till someone famous dies and this all goes away. See: Riots & M.J.’s death.

  4. Drunk Slut Lindsay Says:

    I would drink it all up if it were 80 proof

  5. Matt Says:

    Obama’s answer has something to do with Bush causing it.

    Seriously, Bush had a lot of trouble with Katrina for some sad reasons. First, evacuating New Orleans is like trying to evacuate Haiti. The place was a third world country in terms of education, infrastructure and culture before Katrina. Then the governments down there would not let the feds in until it was already far, far too late for them to do much more than rescue ops.

    Yep, the federal government cannot just push state governments around and take over. They have to be invited by the Governor. It didn’t happen there until way too late.

    Obama had nothing stopping him like Bush did with Katrina. Obama should have done a lot.

    As they say it Texas, it looks like Obama is all hat and no cattle.

  6. James Says:

    Where is the outrage from Hollywood? If Obama were a Republican they’d be all over him. Why aren’t they down there cleaning the oil off the birds? Haven’t heard a peep out of those hypocrites.

  7. Michael D Says:

    He does not want any drilling. That ends up as capitol and jobs and private sector revenue and more prosperity for our citizens and lower prices across the board and a higher standard of living…
    These things have no place in his "Fundamental transformation of America".

  8. J M Says:

    I have yet to see anyone who is slamming Obama on the oil spill recommend any solutions.

    Oddly you reference the fact that the corruption developed under Bush. It’s going to take a long time to fix the mess Bush left. But it is the Bush mess. The big question for the Obama administration is what disaster to address first. Obama went after health care, the economy and financial reform as it was the economy that was blowing up first.

    Funny how you get all excited about the criticism and don’t pay much attention to "the top officials who oversaw the agency’s culture of corruption" that took root under the "industry-friendly regulations drafted during the Bush years.

    Yet another conservative whining because Obama isn’t fixing the conservative created mess fast enough. Maybe you should ask yourself why a conservative president screwed things up so badly.

  9. Schmuck Says:

    It’s only been 52 days now. Give the man a chance!

    OK I am being sarcastic.

    But Obama did sent a SWAT team and lawyers! I’m not sure why but he did!

  10. scramble4202 Says:

    Obama’s forte is grand words and speeches. He isn’t so good on actions. He willingly
    took responsibility for this oil spill and getting it fixed up. It sounded good but what has
    he really done except talk? Actions speak louder than words and I haven’t liked his
    actions starting with his health-care bill that most people didn’t want.

  11. Harbinger Says:

    Obama is a politician not a leader. He sees everything in political terms. His is inept at managing crisis as evidenced by his slow and tepid response to the oil spill. Where is FEMA? Have you heard the press mention FEMA?

    Bush waived the Jones Act 2 days after Katrina. Robert Gibbs today said that Obama has not waived the Jones Act to allow better oil recovery vessels to operate in American waters "because no one has asked". He must be out of his mind. But, the Jones Act requires American crews on all vessels and the crews are, yep you guessed it, unionized.

    This is a terrible disaster and Obama is incapable of managing the response on shore. Sure BP can handle offshore, but Obama should have been more proactive to prevent oil from reaching shore. That is clearly his responsibility.

  12. ChopSuey Says:

    I’m not pulling for either side because I don’t know enough but… I thought it was BP’s fault? What does our Gov’t have to do with a private business causing an oil spill? I can understand that Gov’t is supposed to show up after the mess that’s affected the country to help clean it up, but isn’t it BP’s business to deal with their own workings? I mean, that’s one of the points of capitalism, isn’t it?

  13. Action H Says:

    incompetent, inexperienced take your pic or both

  14. Warlock Says:

    Thanks for answering the question Liberals get on this sight. Which is " Why do liberals feel that government has to regulate business". Your question answers it perfectly.

    As a liberal I am for alternative energy. Why did conservatives go on the radio and Tv and complain about us not drilling off shore , and how if we did it would solve our energy problems, but now with what has happened in the Gulf , you all just sit back and now complain because liberals aren’t cleaning up another conservative screw up.