Why has Obama made oil companies pay him more in kickbacks?

HOUSTON — Oil and gas companies have accelerated their spending on lobbying faster than any other industry, training their gusher of profits on Washington to fight new taxes on drilling and slow efforts to move the nation off fossil fuels.

The industry spent .5 million lobbying Congress and federal agencies in the first three months of this year, on pace to shatter last year’s record. Only the drug industry spent more.

Last year’s total of 9 million was up 73 percent from two years earlier. That’s a faster clip than any other major industry, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics.

From the late 1990s through the first half of this decade, the oil industry spent roughly million to million a year on lobbying. It ramped up lobbying in 2006, when Democrats retook Congress, and further as President Barack Obama took office.

Billions of dollars in oil profits in recent years have made the industry a target for new and higher taxes on exploration and drilling. Oil companies and refiners are also trying to blunt the impact of costly climate- change legislation pushed by Obama.


6 Responses to “Why has Obama made oil companies pay him more in kickbacks?”

  1. Dr Hook! Says:

    I think some of the answers are provided by some in denial.

  2. subwm4bush Says:

    The oil industries are not giving that money to President Obama, it is being used to lobby against energy reform.

  3. Saxton Says:

    Thanks for providing the source/link of your story I really appreciate that

  4. rejectedzipper Says:

    Politics 101:

    Lobbying expenses are not kickbacks.

    Nice try – next.

  5. YourLaHire Says:

    Because he can be. I was told today that 52 million people can’t be wrong. It is neat to see so many people defend a man who has lied about most of what he campaigned on. They would all be smiling at you content, while he nails the lid on America’s coffin. He does no wrong.

  6. Cindy Says:

    Why does your question imply that Obama personally took money from big oil?