Why has Obama ordered a shut down of Gulf Oil Drilling, with Califonia Gas at $5.00 a gallon?

To make matters worse, he has also shutdown Off Shore Alaska Drilling. Also, Food Prices are rising, since it takes 40 percent of America’s corn production to produce a measly 8 % of our energy needs with the amount of Ethanol that is produced. We had better hurry up and Vote Obama Out, before we starve to Death after running out of Gas, while Obama’s Van is a Rockin.
Democrats who are stupid, think that Alaska Oil Drilling should be Stopped, since British Petroleum gave Obama 25 million in 2008 for his Election, and to drill in the Gulf of Mexico. Se Abla Espanol Where is the Democrat O.J. Simpson at ?….when we don’t need him.
SocraTease…do you always Tease ? I guess since Ethanol was a Bush Invention along with Phone Sex and Global Warming …this would mean that Bombing Libya for Oil…was also Elk Hills CA Oil Man….. Al Gore’s fault. Democrat Remember, that it was also Bushe’s fault, that Bill Clinton refused to have Obama Bin Laden taken into U.S. Custody from the Sudanese Government in 1998. And it was Sarah Palin’s fault, that Al Gore Lost the 2000 Erection in Florida Chad Country.

11 Responses to “Why has Obama ordered a shut down of Gulf Oil Drilling, with Califonia Gas at $5.00 a gallon?”

  1. stanleys_2001 Says:

    Isn’t it Hysterical?

    Let’s give money to Brazil and Venezuela ..

    So they can produce fuel – on OUR DIME.

    Hey… You can’t say – I didn’t tell you so.

  2. EDY L Says:

    I wish I could help but Independents get the lowest priority in election matters.

  3. wonderlich Says:

    Because he is an idiot and he is performing his muslim duty to destroy America any way he can.

  4. Gorkbark Porkduke Gefunken Fubar Says:

    Obama is just too entirely out of touch with the real America. He is a well-heeled street thug goon who cannot relate to the majority of Americans.

    The ethanol program is a joke and a scam.. All it did was to shift costs from the gas pump to the supermarket, while corroding our motors in the process.

    Electric cars are another one of his scams. All this will do is to shift expense from the gas pump to the electric bill. This is another typically bad Obama deal.

  5. Chillax Mayng Says:

    ok I live in CA (bay area)
    it’s not $5.00/gallon

    please dont stretch the truth to make a point

  6. docker Says:

    So he can focus on the $6 billion he gave the Brazilian government to explore oil drilling off their shores and then buy it from them with out getting $6 billion dollars worth 1st.

  7. Koshka Says:

    Hmmm….good question. I think it has something to do with this little accident that happened over the summer in the gulf of Mexico…killed 11 people, dumped 250 million tons of oil into the ocean…but idk, shutting down further drilling seems irrational to me too. I mean, the safety of oil drilling crews and the survival of thousands of marine species is not nearly as important as filling up your car’s tank every day….

  8. Sassy One Says:

    Can you say S P I L L? You know BP and all that?

  9. James E Lewis AKA choteau Says:

    I guess you did not bother to read the accident investigation report. If you had you would have noticed where the finding was that the "Blowout Preventer" even if it had worked as designed was not rated for something that catastrophic, so until the Oil Industry can get better protection(Higher Rated BOP’s) they can not start drilling in areas that they could very well destroy.

  10. socrates Says:

    I doubt anyone on YA could answer your question. All politicians are experts at hiding their thoughts, emotions and motives. That’s a big part of their job.

    I’d like to believe that he understands continued expansion of oil drilling, in the face of climate change and the Gulf oil disaster, is insane. Every president since Nixon has spoken of the importance of ending our addiction to oil.

    Meanwhile, the development of alternative, renewable energy resources has been 10 years off for over 60 years. Ethanol was Bush’s brainstorm btw, not Obama’s .

    Maybe it’s time we put solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, electromagnetic etc, on the fast track and finally kill and bury all fossil fuels and nuclear for good.

    This might be easier to accomplish if we evolve, as individuals and as a species, beyond capitalism, greed, war and the concept of personal wealth first.

    If we want our species to have a chance at long term survival we might eventually have to start thinking and acting like one. No time like the present.

  11. Charles Says:

    Chillax Mayng called you out Where is your proof liar