Why have the Democrats rejected a plan to open U.S. waters to more oil exploration?

This happened today when oil and natural gas prices are skyrocketing and China is drilling off the coast of Florida with Cuba !

4 Responses to “Why have the Democrats rejected a plan to open U.S. waters to more oil exploration?”

  1. Captain Awesome Says:


    Without reading about it, I would guess it has to do with 2 reasons.

    1. Environment. Drilling for oil is a dirty job.
    2. What’s the point? Instead of finding more oil, we need to eliminate the need for it. We’ve postponed the inevitable for far too long.

  2. Dennis T Says:

    It wouldn’t help.The price of gas will never go down..Learn to live with it. Long Beach Calif sits on top of the biggest oil reserves in North America.

  3. prekinpdx Says:

    First of all, the claim regarding China is NOT true. I don’t understand why the right just can’t seem to get their facts correct.

    Today, in the Senate, armed with maps and reports, Sen. Mel Martinez – a Florida Republican who served in Bush’s cabinet – took to the Senate floor to dispute Cheney’s claim:

    "Despite what is cited as fact here in the Senate and in other places, China is not drilling off the coast of Cuba. … Reports to the contrary are simply false. … So any talk of using some fabricated China/Cuba connection as an argument to change U.S. policy, in my view, has no merit."

    Get it? A GOP member from FL (I know…how would he know what’s going on off his coast line?) is correcting this claim from the right. It’s simply NOT true that China is drilling off our coast.

    ANWAR has at MOST 2 years worth of oil (reports state more likely 18 months and possibly less than that) this is by Bush’s team’s own reports. The United States overall has less than 2 percent of the world’s oil reserves, while consuming 25 percent of the world’s oil. Our own oil supply, without foreign imports, would last just three years. Drilling is not the solution.

  4. qxmjic z Says:

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