Why is Barack Obama’s New Name “Mr. NO”?

No… To relieving the taxes on gas that Americans pay at the pump

No… To public financing

No… To The states to have the right to vote on Offshore drilling… (Obviously something he doesn’t understand, or have a clue about. He wants us dependent on middle eastern oil, knows nothing about creating oil & safer drilling industry jobs.)

No…To leaving The Oil & Natural gas companies (& their customers prices) alone. He’s going to Tax them like crazy, just watch your bill on that one.

No… To better fuel & automobile standards and a technology boost. Mr. Obama wants ethanol fuels, and people to keep buying their hybrids. Why are we ignoring battery & electric, and even solar technology for corn based ethanol…? Do you see what is happing to the price of corn and food? Do you see starving children in other countries that would love a big bowl of corn? Do you see the price of Ethanol & Gas & Oil rising, it isn’t going to let up. Put some batteries in those cars & make them afordable.
I don’t want to buy a car that will not be up to mileage standards in five years. Shouldn’t we be boycotting the automobile industry until they can roll us out some better vehicles?

I think it’s good for McCain to step up and be the first person to bring up a movement for battery technology, it’s a great idea to get them moving, and they need the push. In fact if you just gave the car companies a break, as opposed to taxing them more… Maybe they could be employing their workers to building these new cars instead of laying them off.

So who has a better plan to deal with the Gas & Oil problem?

Mr. No or John McCain?
The point of offshore drilling today… is so we will have the extra oil for the future “When we will need it them most“ (It’s running out) and the process can be sped up much faster & safer then Mr. Obama is trying to make it look like. We can’t keep depending on middle eastern oil because it’s not going to last forever they are almost tapped out. If we just sit around and wait the prices of oil gas & ethanol will only rise.

8 Responses to “Why is Barack Obama’s New Name “Mr. NO”?”

  1. KIZIAH Says:

    I’m voting for Barack Obama. The Republicans need to go.

  2. Barack Says:

    I have no freakin idea what I am saying.

    I’m bought and paid for, and they tell me what to say.

  3. totalawarenessnow Says:

    It’s childish to use McSame but very sophisticated to use Dr No?

  4. Beckw Says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself! Kudos to you. Bravo.

  5. Ms. Bigglesworth Says:

    Great points, his campaign slogan should be really , "No I can´t".

    For this, he will lose the election, thank goodness for his arrogance, it is his Achilles heel.

  6. Nubian Queen Says:

    McCain is announcing real good realistic ideas to solve the huge energy crisis. Obama just has empty promises of hope and change exactly the same as Jesse Jackson once chanted. New suit, more polished delivery and bigger smile.

  7. Special K Says:

    no stands for no more republican presidents

  8. hoodwinked1124 Says:

    The question is filled with inaccuracies…Sean Hannity…ahem…I’ve digressed. the idea of relieving taxes on gas only is a political gimmick. Inform yourself and understand that those taxes would only save a consumer about 30 bucks over 3 months. Those taxes also contribute to the highway fund so eliminating those taxes could eliminate 300,000 jobs as well. That’s a high price to pay for 30 bucks. Even if we started drilling tomorrow, we’d be a decade away (at least) from producing as much oil as we need and wouldn’t see any monetary savings (since you’re all about that dollar). I’ll skip your second and third ridiculous questions because you don’t know how McCain’s hands are tied in public financing and I’ve looked at my gas bill already and it’s higher than last year. As far as fuel and automobile standards, Obama spoke with the UAW and said that those standards need to be raised while creating alternatives for the long haul. At the end of the day you’re taking one product (corn) that not everyone uses and comparing it to oil which is used on a universal level. Work on your argument preparation and perhaps that battery that John McCain will give you 300 million for creating, he’ll probably allow that prize to be outsourced to find a winner.