Why is Israel even in Palestine?

What right did they have to expel the owners of that land from that land. If they wanted to give the Jews a country why couldn’t they give them a part of America that no one lived in, why couldn’t they have given them somewhere else, why did they have to give them Palestine, and then let them remove the Palestinians from it. Why does the world remain silent as the holocaust against the Palestinian people enters its seventh decade
wouldn’t it have been more fair to give Israel a piece of Germany if what is was about was holocaust reperations

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  1. chattterus Says:

    Two things happened. The Jewish people committed mass murder about 50 some years ago to drive out people of other religions out of lands they viewed as their land. Then European countries recognized the Jewish right to the land out of guilt of WWII and the holocaust of the Jewish people.

    It is nothing more than that. I fear that that region is in for conflicts for hundreds of years due to the interference of western nations.

  2. Rob Says:

    Jews are Palestinians too and the Arabs in that region are the antagonists not the victims

  3. Endorphin Zarihs Says:

    it is theirs historicaly

  4. anoymus Says:

    Jews are also Palestinian. Palestine refers to a geographical area, not race.

  5. Zak P Says:

    the british government of that time decided to put the jews in Palestine which was totally wrong because it wasn’t even their land to give in the first place.

    I think we should thoroughly investigate history.
    this was after hitler had tortured them btw.

  6. viola f Says:

    then there is the question. what right does palestine have in assuming they are the only one with rights in the area. they both were there during biblical times. I am thinking you have been appointed the one to judge how this should go

  7. 1st Buzie Says:

    The Israels are suppose to be in Israel. The Palestinians can coexist or move. I hope they move to Jordan

  8. Joe Says:

    there is no Palestine……the idiot Hamas has started something and Israel is now paying them back……it’s about time

  9. Joey M Says:

    Ask the United Nations. They are the ones that formed the nation of Israel. The entire region is historically known as Palestine. There is no country named "Palestine". BTW who gave this land to the Palestinians? It’s my understanding that "Palestinians" are displaced people from many Arab nations that could not return to their original homelands. They were outcasts and criminals from Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon. Now after so many generations who can really keep track of it all. Why don’t the Palestinians cooperate with the Israelis and coexist in peace instead of terrorizing the Israelis?

  10. beefpuker Says:

    Why is Palestine in Israel! The Palestinian people were once slaves of Egypt, Syria Lebanon and Jordan. Treated as trash by the Arabs they were not worth fighting for so Egypt and Jordan gave up. Jews were expelled from Judea (now Israel) in 70 AD so they were there way before Egypt and Jordan. I say push all the Arabs out of Israel and let Egypt, Syria Lebanon and Jordan deal with them.

  11. Paul P Says:

    You gotta broaden your reading, away from the E news pages. The UN created Israel and the British armed the Palistinians, to keep faith with Saudi Arabia a control their oil reserves. Think about the wars of aggression,1948, 57, 67, 73 all launched by Jordain rejected citizens Syria, Egypt, and low and behold these incursions failed and they lost their territory. Should teach even the most ignorant, but they rely on people such as yourself to carry their cause with Jew haters in the USA. Imagine, We racists if we see through Obammma,yet if we support military action against a sovereign country like Israel we kind and understanding. Imagine why Jordan does not let their Palestine citizens vote. Because they’re nuts.

  12. Tariq E Says:

    They chose the most Honorable and holly land on earth and managed to seize as they are the greatest robbers in history.Israel can play the role of the everlasting headache that can cause pain to the Arabs and Muslims .

  13. Abra Cadabbler Says:

    This "Palestine" you speak of, in the modern world is a work of fiction. A cult of people wanting to bring back something that no longer exists are called "terrorists" now.

  14. Julez Says:

    no one wants them.. they want to find their own land
    america dont like isrealis

  15. Curious cat Says:

    I had a little bit of sympathy for Palestinian Arabs.

    But since the terrorist atrocities of New York, London, Madrid, Mumbai and countless other smaller attacks by islamofascists; sorry I have no time for them anymore.

  16. thamsenman! Says:

    Define owners. If I own land in India, and the Muslims invade, do I still own that land? That happened in Pakistan and millions of people lost what they owned.