Why is it illegal for the United States to drill for it's own oil?

Why is it illegal for the US to drill for oil in the Atlantic Ocean? Why is it illegal for the US to drill for oil in large potions of the Gulf Of Mexico? Why is it illegal for the US to drill for oil off the West Coast? Why is it illegal for the US to drill for oil in Colorado? Why is it illegal for the US to drill for oil in portions of Alaska? And finally, why do Americans complain about the high costs of gas and our dependency on foreign oil while continuing to elect politicians who keep us that way?

13 Responses to “Why is it illegal for the United States to drill for it's own oil?”

  1. Jesus loves Ann Coulter Says:

    That business of saving reserves for the future is a good laugh. The left wants us to use oil for nothing and develop our technologies accordingly. So if our demand is near zero, why would we need reserves for the future?

    The left’s war on drilling is because of their war on oil. Their war on oil is because of their war on oil companies. Their war on oil companies is due to their war on capitalism. Their war on capitalism is due to their love of socialism. Their love of socialism is due to their love of tyranny.

    Most of the current agenda items for the democrat party they could actually care less about. Deep down liberals love private jets, big cushy SUV’s and bulletproof limos that consume massiave amounts of oil. They just want to make sure THEY have it, and the rest of us dont. The left’s agenda is to return us to a divine-right authoritarian monarchy. (without that pesky notion of God)

  2. Wounded Duck Says:


  3. shootsmyownfood Says:

    Wacko lefties.

  4. Mike Says:

    There are environmental lobbyists that challenge the government to restrict drilling for oil. We also have an EPA that will also make it difficult to drill for oil. Most of the time environmental wackos will tie up an oil company in a legal battle for years in order to make it too expensive to pursue.

  5. Defender of America Says:

    Left!st regulations.

  6. Obama Zombie Says:

    Libs scream that we’re in the Middle East for oil …..but they don’t want us to drill for oil. So that must mean that libs want the U.S. to remain dependent on Mid-East oil and continue our military presence there or they simply have their heads stuck up their collective @ss.

  7. Phil M Says:

    Enviornmental concerns, health concerns, etc.

    Do you think oil is infinite? If not, why would you want to deplete our reserves first?

  8. James69sk82001 Says:

    Because of the wacko liberals and the wacko liberal enviormentalists. Its because of them also that water is restricted here in the central valley in california. They are more concerened about a stupid fish than they are about a human.

  9. Ivan the T Says:

    Are you suggesting a government owned oil company (like most of the rest of the world has)?



    We need to preserve the free market system of oil profits. We give leases on public land for next to nothing, and let the oil companies pump our oil and steal it. Such a deal.

  10. surfingsport1 Says:

    Why would we waste our reserves right now while we can still get it from someone else right now. Once the middle east dries up we’ll have enough reserves to ensure we wont have a complete meltdown. All these people blaming Democrats just dont have common sense. Is 2.50 a gallon really that bad? Despite what these people think, if we drilled for oil here we would never get back down to what it was before President Bush’s era.

  11. True Jew Says:

    It’s b/c oil is not infinite and we save our reserves for the future like any smart nation would do to look out for its longevity. In other words, we are looking 50 plus years into the future and that is the reason we are in Iraq.

  12. Polly Says:

    Super left lobbyists spend about a billion dollars to muscle Congress in the 70’s to not frill–to make us addicted to Saudi Oil–on purpose–to deny Americans a viable inexpensive oil source.
    Why? The Dems have been in bed with foreigners since the McCarthy day.

    All it would take is one decent congress to care more about you and me than all the money they are paid under the table to keep a traitorous corrupt law on the books.

    I hardly drive anymore anyway–and Obama isn’t going to drill.

    He’s just lying to fool Americans–like he does to get around being decent to us and our needs.
    Obama should be impeached..

  13. "IXOVII,FSHRMN" Says:

    Because in Alaska it conflicts with ANWR-(Arctic national wildlife reserve) there is laws in place that if they looked for oil on ANWR lands it may pose a problem for animals on ANWR lands. And also some of those lands are native Alaskan owned and they cannot touch those either. I don’t know about the other states, but they may very well have something in place like ANWR or it is lands that native Americans own and have to workout something e.t.c. It all comes down to bureaucratic red tape to go through.