Why is McCain being critisized for changing his views on drilling for oil?

I think hes exactly right. It wasnt necessary back then when gas was like what 2.00. Now when gas is doubled and killing the economy of course we should be lowering our dependence on foreign oil!!

8 Responses to “Why is McCain being critisized for changing his views on drilling for oil?”

  1. libsticker Says:

    My only criticism is that he should have included ANWR in the drilling. He needs to open up all possible sources for oil, and he needs to include Nuclear power, and other sources.

  2. Brian Says:

    It is curious. The situation has most certainly changed and all politicians should reevaluate their views when that happens..

  3. smash mouth Says:

    because he change his view on everything except the iraq war oh wait he flip floped on that,now that he has flip floped on oil he has fli floped on every issue

  4. Gorge R Says:

    FIRST of all DRILLING isn’t the solution, its just another extra 0 in front of oil companies monthly profit, beside he gets the orders from this administration, isn’t that funny in public he tries to say he is distanced from bush but in reality he just wants to continue what bush was doing, for another 100 years.

  5. Schmorgen Says:

    Because if we drilled today, we won’t get any help from new drilling until 2030. Plus, there are millions of acres on lease to oil companies that they refuse to drill.


    Like the gas tax holiday, he’s dead wrong.

  6. MARK B Says:

    Drilling still isn’t necessary and it can’t be legislated by the feds. Fla and California(especially) are against it and have been for ages.

    Even if it were to be ‘on the agenda’, it would take many years to set it up, and many more to actually see a drop of oil.

    By then there will have been probably many solutions already ‘in the pipeline’, so to speak, that will assist greatly in the reduction of dependence on oil.

    Remember, eventually, the ONLY ones to gain on things like this is ‘BIG OIL’ (read: Cheney, et al).

    Also, the reason for the absolute moratorium for drilling on the coast(s) is due to the eventual polluting and spills that are inevitable. IT JUST AIN’T WORTH IT FOLKS !!

  7. mbush40 Says:

    I think flip-flopping to help a matter of National Security is admirable in a President. It seems according to any polls that a majority of Americans from both sides of the aisle want to start drilling. McCain sounds like he is for the direction that most want to go. That’s real Change in my book.

  8. johnhdavisjrusa20 Says:

    Perhaps, if McCain et al had not pandered to non-American interest in the past, we would not have 4 plus dollar gas now. Trying to unscrew people by screwing them again just seems to be the American way.