Why is offshore drilling the best way to help gas prices?

factcheck breaks down McCains speech on oil and shows it’s hypocracies.

At least try to read it instead of blindly answering.

6 Responses to “Why is offshore drilling the best way to help gas prices?”

  1. celly Says:

    Not reading a liberal rag like Newsweek..they’re in the tank for Obama and losing sells by the truckload.

  2. Vegas Says:

    It’s not. People need to get real and buy smaller cars, get less dependent on gas, and we need to figure out some alternative fuels.

    Obama 08

  3. ghetto nerd Says:

    It takes years 10+ to see effects of oil drilling today………We need an immediate plan today right now.

  4. blueyellowmonkey Says:

    Because there is not guarantee we will have other effective sources of alternative energy in the future. We are SURE and CERTAIN that increasing domestic oil drilling WILL provide a solution (not necessarily a short term solution, but a solution) in the near future.

  5. Anna Says:

    Because prices later on will be really high, so people want to get in the business, so they can make a lot of profit. If you know that your product will be worth more later, wouldn’t you hold out for a few years, so you can reap profits

  6. Larry S Says:

    It isn’t.