Why is petroleum distillates bad for airsoft guns?

I bought prestone silicone lubricant for by GBB airsoft pistol and i heard petroleum distillates is bad for the gun. Why is that? It says its good for metal, plastic, rubber ect. I’ve already used it on my gun and I hope its not ruined.

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  1. flyinggoldfish Says:

    Silicone isn’t a petroleum distillate.

    Petroleum distillates (often referred to as mineral oils) break down rubbers which will cause the gas seals on airsoft guns to leak and will degrade hop rubbers so you can say goodbye to accuracy.

    It’s recommended that silicone oil is used for cleaning and lubing as it won’t harm the rubber parts.

  2. SRG SK9 Says:

    Scientifically, petroleum distillates have a "dieseling" effect on your gun. Basically, the petroleum will sit on the rubber and slowly eat away at it. It says good for rubbers, but the rubber it means is generally high quality, and very thick. Airsoft rubber is thin and, face it, not the best quality. You haven’t ruined it, but you do need to get 100% pure silicone and use that. You can’t use anything with a product that is petrol, eg. any octanes, heptanes, ect. However, propane is okay, because it is used a propellant and evaporates off.

  3. Jason Humpfrey Says:

    The petroleum products are bad because they will literally eat away at the plastic and rubber pieces of your gun. This is why WD-40 should not be used on your gun. Only use the 100% silicone oil. This is going to be totally safe to use on your gun. The link below should help you out with how to lubricate your gun.