Why is the Bush Administrations answer for high gas prices always to drill offshore and in Alaska?

It seems easier just to stop starting fights with all the countries that have the oil (Iraq, Iran, Venezuela) than to tear apart our natural reserves and risk damaging what little is left of our countrys natural beauty. Any thoughts?
Supply and demand is apopular answer and Republicans think the best answer is to drill and increase supply. Why not put that money into developing technologies that lower our demand? That way we keep our landscapes and also free ourselves from dependence on foreign oil.

24 Responses to “Why is the Bush Administrations answer for high gas prices always to drill offshore and in Alaska?”

  1. Joey Says:

    Because they don’t have the smarts to encourage alternative energy, even when the technologies already exist. Even arch-conservative oilman T. Boone Pickens is going with alternative energies. Why? Because drilling for oil is too expensive and takes too long to get to market.

  2. Maddvladd M Says:

    drilling doesn’t even matter. the supply is going up and so is the price, it makes no sense. its just the speculators getting rich.

  3. Jason H Says:

    We haven’t started a new war in 6 years and the price is still going up… What’s the Democrat plan to lower gas prices???

  4. shatnerpossum Says:

    Supply and Demand. As demand increases and supply remains stagnant, prices will increase. The solution is to increase supply. That means drilling.

  5. Samm Says:

    But I thought Obama and the Democrats wanted to stop our "dependance on foreign oil forever"????

  6. Pigmeat Markham Says:

    To increase the supply of home-grown iol so we won’t have to rely on the world’s mental cases for it.

  7. RanXerox Says:

    Cool let’s just surrender to the petty dictators of the world when we are the third largest oil producing nation in the world and still have vast untapped reserves within our borders.

  8. Philip McCrevice Says:

    Because we have the oil here.

    You environmentalists all blow out of proportion the pollution drilling makes.

    We’re all for reducing fuel uses. But let’s increase our own supply, too.

  9. iamct01 Says:

    The better question is why did Bush not approve drilling when Republicans controlled the senate before 2006.

  10. kenny J Says:

    Bush is and always has been a corrupt lying whore. In this instance he is a corrupt lying whore on behalf of the oil industry. Since he was a failed oilman and now a failed President it seems to be the one area he could have some success.
    I guess the current 64 million acres leased for oil exploration mean nothing to the whore.

  11. Upwardgaze Says:

    I suggest you invest in a trip to Alaska and admire the beauty of ANWAR for yourself. It will be well worth it, for you will gain a clue. You will be the only ‘wildlife’ present where proposed drilling would take place, as it is generally about -20 to – 50 degrees below zero in that region. Bundle up!

  12. Puller58 Says:

    Former oilman. That’s his game. Period.

  13. Miranda Says:

    How do we stop fighting with those countries when all they want to do is to destroy us and our country? There are so many terrorists groups that hide in those countries and those countries help and support and worse yet encourage them. I think we should quit buying oil from them altogether and use our reserves. Why should we pay money to the people that want us dead and want us to suffer. Remember people we DID NOT START THIS!! They did, and more than once before we took action. Does anyone remember 9/11 and what they did to us? Why do people forget that they openly condemn us and wish evil on us? Stand up for your country!!!

  14. ShyGirl Says:

    I agree. But it’s irrelevant, since the oil wouldn’t stay here in the U.S., but would be sold overseas anyway, and then sold back to us at exactly the price we’re paying now… or higher.

  15. Last Ranger Says:

    That is where the oil is.
    All here who took econ 101 (and actually passed) understand that the price of anything is determined by supply and demand (not withstanding nationalized or socialized markets)
    The current market (simplistic new) is being influenced by two major factors worldwide high demand and speculators.
    If you increase supply i.e. drill here, this affects both of the forgoing factors. Suppliers have more product and must decrease prices to complete with other suppliers – price goes down.
    Speculators (who deal in futures – the future value of a commodity) see more supply in the future; the price goes down.
    Domestic production puts a downward pressure on both factors that affect price.

  16. Tony X Says:

    pres bush acts like an idiot,but the truth is that he has done exactly what he set out to do.
    in his administration corporations have gotten richer and the average American gotten poorer.

  17. WinOne4TheGipper Says:

    Stop fighting with the countries that had oil? So, we just let a bunch of thugs and dictators dictate our energy policies and never mind there wack ideas about things like the destruction of Israel, the subjugation of women, violence against innocent people worldwide, not just in America and other western countries.

    As for our natural beauty, the oil rigs wouldn’t even be in sight of the coasts. As for ANWR, this is what the area of proposed drilling looks like…

    Hardly "beautiful"

  18. catrionn Says:

    Because that’s the quicker, easier way. They don’t want to do the work of behaving like decent human beings so that other people won’t hate us – OR the work of developing alternative fuels and just plain alternatives to using fuel, period.

  19. Arbgre555 Says:

    I think it would be easier just to break up the 5 current mega-companies that controll all of our oil and have a lot more competition. Competition and a free market should lower the prices significantly. Too bad the Republican party is now a corporatist party and not in favor of fair trade/commerce but likes monoplies/oligopolies.

  20. Chris S Says:

    For all those of you who supposedly passed Econ 101, you seem to "forget" the other part of the equation.

    Yes, increasing supply lowers price, but so does DECREASING DEMAND.

    Don’t you think that a real leader would have told Americans to start cinching up our belt when it comes to oil? Instead, Bush tells people to go shopping!

    Another thing you wannabes seem to forget is that there are millions of acres that are owned by Big Oil AND are already permitted for drilling. Are they being drilled? Explored? NO!

    Big Oil doesn’t want to actually DRILL any more than it is currently. They just want more land. Simple as that. They want more land, which means more assets, which means more money. Aren’t they making enough (record) profits without us giving them FREE LAND???

    You guys are right that this is about supply and demand. But giving the oil companies more land WILL NOT affect supply one bit. They like prices the way they are. The simple fact that people complain, but still buy, proves my point! If demand would shrink, prices would plummet. Use less, complain less. Simple as that.

    One further fact for all you economic geniuses. There aren’t enough tankers to ship more oil anyways! More drilling would mean more shipping, which can’t happen.

    Checkmate, you lose.

  21. mad_mike_j Says:

    Read the story below to find out the real reason for the price hikes. We have an excess of crude oil, but a shortage of refined oil/fuel. We have lost half of our refineries in almost 20 years and haven’t built a new one since 1976.

    If we drill more oil, we still have the same problem of not being able to convert is to gasoline fast enough. If we build a refinery the prices will drop quick.

  22. Glacierwolf Says:

    Because drilling for more oil is the only realistic choice – the other two choices are to continue sending $$ to our enemies or invest in nuclear power. Or the fourth choice which is do nothing – the Democrats like this one – and watch our country and the whole economy go down the toilet.

    Bush, and to some extent McCain – are proposing drilling and nuclear energy to meet the short term needs – while also pushing both renewable energy and conservation. Makes sense to me. (if you owned a washer and dryer – why keep hauling laundry to the laundramat?)

    The other people and parties have no plan. They have no solutions. But because they don’t say the ‘D’ word or the ‘N’ word people love ’em. Let me know how this works for you in a few years……..

    I live in Alaska. I use only 25% the power your home in the lower 48 does but my electric bill is easily 5x to 10x yours due to the cost of generation.

    I am an engineer, and have 2400 lbs of batteries under my house, four solar panels so far – and growing. I can generate several KW per day and provide up to 6,000 watts to my home at any one time. If I could afford the $730 each for 16 or so more panels I would have them all along my house and either take the house off the grid or sell it back to the electric company. But for now I am growing at 2 panels per year each summer.

    What are you doing????????

    My home is probably greener than anyone else here…….. and I still think we need to have started doing more drilling years ago. Now that gas is heading to $5 a gallon it just amaizes me how stupid people here really are. Damn Sheep. Duh – we need to save the enviroment and not do any drilling……… let me how things are in your city when everyone is killing pidgeons and squirrels from the park to put food on your tables. When the demand for electricty starts creating ‘rolling blackouts’ like some countries have and you can only afford to eat beans and rice…….. if you can find them. By then it will be too late. This is probably going to happen in your city come the next few years………… if you folks were to change your minds on drilling or nuclear energy today – it won’t last that long.

    Do you realize if ANWR were a regulation football field the area they want to drill on would be the size of a postage stamp?? I have been to ANWR many times – place sucks – it’s all knee deep in water and mud – a damn mosquito factory. So flat you can watch your dog run away from home for three days.

    With the exception of one idiot that shot the pipeline in 2004 – the thing hasn’t spilled a drop in 31 years. You can’t even say that for your car – can you? What things have you ever dumped down a toilet the past 30 years? Makes you a hipocrite, doesn’t it?

    Seems to me people of the USA do not have their priorities straight. When Iran nukes Isreal and then demands the USA better not retaliate or they will stop shipping oil…….. how are you going to feel then? You policies of no drilling have now killed millions of people…… to save what? Millions of mosquitoes from possible harm? I can assure the mosquitos in Prudhoe Bay are plenty happy.

    Sheep. Sheep to the slaughter.

  23. Mr. Wizard Says:

    Because full 100% throttle U.S. oil drilling, refining / production must be done if America is to survive. We right now have the technology to reach this level of oil drilling and production WITHOUT damage to Earth.

    Greenpeace and fellow ecological groups must shift strategies, swallow pride—and demand the U.S. government—IF they’re to do this—take ALL Earth protective measures for 100% oil drilling, refining and production.

    I truly believe a civil compromise between the U.S. government and ecological groups can be reached and must NOW be done. Talks between the two should take place now.

    Lift the Federal bans and prohibitions—and let’s begin fighting Mid-East / OPEC oil with making OUR OWN oil.

  24. BlueMermaid Says:

    I don’t caere because I pay

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