WHY is there government control on Natural Gas and Electricity pricing, but not gasoline?

Are we better off with afforable pricing since Ronald Reagan removed government control of gasoline pricing? Who is it favoring and why don’t they allow Natural Gas and Electric companies raise prices as they see fit?

8 Responses to “WHY is there government control on Natural Gas and Electricity pricing, but not gasoline?”

  1. Just_gone Says:

    Bush and Cheney – both pro oil.
    Millions spent by the oil lobbies.

  2. kveryeffective Says:

    Sure what not go to 6 bucks a gallon like they are doing in Europe.
    That makes great sense.

  3. kapute2 Says:

    that’s a very good question! I’m against price controls for all things. as an aside, I see that "Just_Gone" couldn’t help but to blame Bush for something that even Clinton didn’t do anything about

  4. Butterbar Bob Says:

    Because those are utilities, which oil companies aren’t.

    As a conservative, I have an issue with government asserting control over these things at all.

    But often, huge industries actually seek government regulation because it tends to prevent competition and it ensures profit. I’ll bet you didn’t know that.

  5. fmminformation Says:

    Good Question.

  6. bobby_2_24 Says:

    not only are bush and cheney pro oil… bush was and still is an oilman thats why he moved to texas…

  7. B.Kirvorkian Says:

    "Gas & Water Socialism"

    Early in the 20th Century, it became a popular idea that certain enterprises – like power and water distribution and telephone service – were ‘natural monopolies’ and were best either tightly regulated by the government, or outright nationalized.

    That trend has become a widely held belief, a truism. (I pretty nearly believe it my self and I’m a neo-classicist.)

    Furthermore, when the de-regulation of electricity was tried out in CA, it was implemented in such a byzantine way (the regulations, though they allowed some competition, actualy became more complex), that it was vulnerable to ruthless exploitation for profit. (Google ENRON for more.)

    Thus, natural gas and electricity remain tightly regulated, while gasoline does not, and even though phone service has proven not to be a monopoly, natural or otherwise.

  8. Art Newbie Bill Says:

    If we could produce all of our gasoline in the US then government controls would have a lot more meaning. But when we import most of our gasoline which is bought on the open world market any price controls we want to put on the oil would be ineffective. The price of gasoline can be manipulated buy the oil companies but buy and large the price is driven more my speculation on the dangers of the world by the futures market. The futures market can drive up the price based on fears but it has been proven that it avoids the downfalls of crisis.