why isn't bho being held responsible for the current gas prices ?

okay, gas was .86 in 2008.
now it’s almost $ 5.00.
Why is there not more outrage over this matter ?
he stopped oil drilling in the gulf, and refused to drill in the USA.
we have plenty of oil and natural gas that can be easily converted for our cars, so what’s the deal ?
we need to impeach this clown, NOW !

8 Responses to “why isn't bho being held responsible for the current gas prices ?”

  1. Alpine junkie Says:

    Because he is a Democrat. Democrats aren’t held to the same standards as Republicans by the media. Since most of the mainstream media is very liberal, they turn a blind eye to this one.

    Oh, Obama has also said he has no problem with high gas prices. Liberals think cars and oil are "evil" and cause global warming (fake of course), so they think by raising gas prices it will cause America to end its oil "addiction". The reality is we don’t have affordable alternatives and raising prices will only harm the economy. Liberals aren’t very smart it seems.

  2. Tiny Tim Says:

    He didn’t build those buildings on the tram tracks in the 1950’s

  3. ClintH Says:

    Speaking of clowns, calling for his impeachment on what exactly? Placing all the blame on Obama for high gas prices is sad and misinformed.

    You should spend a little more time worrying about what we are going to do when there is no more oil and gas and a little less time placing the blame improperly.

  4. Proud American Conservative Says:

    0bungo is.

  5. Xavier Says:

    I was reading an article recently that says there are over 100 trillion cubic feet of KNOWN natrual gas reserves in Alaska. There are something like 40 billion barrels of oil up there too. Alaskans want to drill for it, but the FEDERAL government wont let them. Same thing in the gulf. Obama stopped ALL drilling after the spill last summer with the stroke of a pen. He lifted the moratorium but the oil companies are scared he might do it again, so they have moved some of the rigs to Venezuela and Brazil. In the mean time he is pushing wind and solar energy. That is all very nice but wont do much good in terms of energy for the average person for another 10 or 20 years. Even if we dont impeach this guy, I sure hope we get a better president in 2 years.

  6. Angel's Memory Says:

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. The great and powerful Oz has spoken.

  7. dm Says:

    Not gonna happen. He wants us to pay more for oil, it is his way to ‘change’ the country. As he stated during the election "Under my plan…Energy rates are gonna have to necessarily skyrocket". Yet we elect this fool? He TOLD us exactly what he was gonna do.

    BTW, we gave "loaned" $2 BILLION to Brazil to drill oil, so that we could BUY it BACK! Reuse, recycle, redistribute!

  8. Anna P Says:

    He put a moratorium on deep water drilling for six months–now lifted. There are over 1000 shallow water wells that were never part of the moratorium. Gas was not $1.86 in 2008, stop smoking whatever you are smoking. He has not refused to drill in the US, only in certain areas that are environmentally-sensitive. There are tons of natural gas and oil wells pumping out natural gas and oil as we speak. Please read a reliable source on oil pricing and how the global market operates.