Why isn't the high price of oil considered economic terrorism?

If you cannot inflict physical damage worldwide, the best way to cause problems is economically. The price of oil is a clear act of economic terrorism and war and should be dealt with accordingly. The only reason I can see that the world leaders aren’t doing anything about it is that they must be profiting from it.

14 Responses to “Why isn't the high price of oil considered economic terrorism?”

  1. dumdum Says:

    You are right! The elite, the empire builders, the money men are all tickled pink that they have taken charge of the oil market and control the supply of it- No matter what the economy does, these people can afford anything-And the only thing they desire is more and more money. We could reverse this in minute if we had an honest government, but the big money controls them like puppets on a string.

  2. Dylan Says:

    That’s exctly what it is actually. Time mag wrote something along those lines. You came up with a good idea, and believe me, many agree with you, including myself.

  3. M N Says:

    That is exactly what this is. Saudi Arabia and other oil producing countries know they can’t beat the United States in military, so they just raise the price of oil higher and higher. That is their way of getting back at us. Well, that’s just my theory at least.

  4. unitedcats2004 Says:

    The price of oil is skyrocketing because of supply and demand, rampant speculation, and the collapse of the dollar. The first is caused by reality, the second by Bush’s sabre rattling in the Persian Gulf, the third by Bush’s "borrow and spend" policies. And yes, Bush and his oil buddy friends are making undreamed of profits. You connect the dots.

  5. Joseph, II Says:

    Because WE are actually ASKING for it (the Gas & other Petrolium products…). We’ve ALLOWED ourSELVES to become DEPENDENT on Oil… & now we’re CAUGHT in the price spiral- because World Demand is Outstripping Supply… World Leaders have NO CONTROL over what their People want… …-That is, unless you want them to REGULATE the supply coming into the Country & force people to buy only X # of Gallons a week! :0

  6. Marlene Says:

    There, I tried to scare you- is this considered ‘terrorism’?

    the T-word shouldn’t be bandied about- it loses it meaning, like crying wolf.

    "The price of oil is a clear act of economic terrorism and war… " show me at least three reliable resourses that it is, then we’ll talk.

  7. ~michael P. Says:

    No, it’s economic suicide. We’ve been wasting it for decades, acting like it was a renewable resource. It’s now the morning after the great party and we are facing the dull reality of what we’ve done.

  8. Brad Parsons Says:

    We are lucky we waited this long for the price supply and demand is what is happening if we are willing to pay it then guess whatit is a fair price.

  9. World War III Says:

    ya Bin Laden himself called it an economic warfare after he he took credit for the world trade towers, hello
    world trade buildings o shit call 911, now we have world trade problems and our economy sucks, wake up people, so who is winning the war?

    it amazes me how blind people can be, is it every one is just so afraid of the truth?

  10. Grant M Says:

    So when do you start bombing Houston and putting Exxon directors in Gitmo?

    If it is terrorism, it is terrorism aided and abetted in the US.

  11. cbjack Says:

    All prices go up. It’s called inflation. When I get a pay raise is that economic terrorism too? World leaders are just government hacks stealing from the people. They don’t control the world’s economy.

  12. Al Says:

    Why isnt the Worldbank and IMF deemed terrorist organizations ? when you follow the money trails, you’ll see they benefit the most with high oil prices, especially when they forgave all 3rd world countries thier debts estimated to be well over 300 billion, so how do they recover thier loss ?
    since the worldbank controls the financial markets in newyork and london, what better way to recover their money and control the world at the same time by controlling oil prices and recovering it at the pump, yes…. its a form of taxation !
    and they have no intentions on lowering the cost, they will throw us a bone now and then, but just watch oil prices at the pump within a year……..$7.00
    it has more to do with controlling world than it does making money……. remember, these guys are printing money out of thin air with no backing, so its gotta be about controlling the masses.

  13. Haug Says:

    Since Americas actions and companies are the lead in forcing the higher oil price what do you suggest other countries should do?!!!!

  14. Checks B Says:

    I am playing very big on oil trading, from Morgan Stanly, Goldman & Sachs on the Wall Street .

    I bought millions and millions of barrels of oil when they cost $60–$100 a barrel. I expect to make a kill when I sell. But right now it’s only $145 a barrel. So here is my difficulty:

    I already requested my agents spin the media, like: “Oil future looks high, expecting to be in the range of $200 a barrel soon. ” But it does not work price up as fast as I expected.

    I have also demanded my agent playing “China demand high” blaming game.

    I am glad to see that Congress is ignoring 19 top trade group’s letter demanding an end to rampant oil speculationhttp://energy.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=PressReleases.Detail&PressRelease_Id=a0267544-59b1-4cd7-b41e-8f0e55738999

    Also I am happy to see that the Media did not report it as I desired.

    But how do I corner the oil future price up very fast ? fast enough in time so not to get caught ?