why methanol called as a petroleum product?

methanol is produced from Associated gas, in fertiliser ind. then how it comes under petroleum products.

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  1. doctor Says:

    The term petroleum comes from the Latin stems petra, "rock," and oleum, "oil." It is used to describe a broad range of hydrocarbons that are found as gases, liquids, or solids beneath the surface of the earth. The two most common forms are natural gas and crude oil.
    A method of manufacturing methanol comprising producing a synthesis gas containing hydrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide…

  2. sai2020 Says:

    gas comes from petroleum wells…..i think.

  3. Jason G Says:

    because you can use it to fuel a vehicle, if you have the right type of engine. Methanol is a high octane alcohol.

    Racing engines use it most often, but old engines can be rebuilt to use it.