Why the heck wont the government start drilling for oil in our own country?

We have enough oil here to last us until 2200 and yet we still dont drill our own oil? This would cut cost gas cost tremendously which would then cut food cost, transportation costs, etc….anyone have a legitimate answer to this?? Instead we are buying 700 billion dollars worth of bad mortgages thats going to cost us all out of pockets in taxes….
I understand Oil companies do the drilling….I guess I should have said why doesnt the government enforce that instead of payinf triple the price to import it…and I understand that we do drill ….but not anywhere near as much as we should.

10 Responses to “Why the heck wont the government start drilling for oil in our own country?”

  1. nbeneschmitz Says:

    because the drilling is left to oil companies who appear to be reluctant to drill or explore the 68,000,000 acres of land they CURRENTLY have under lease.

    why won’t they drill it?

    excellent question…

  2. jay D Says:

    Because they are all IDIOTS!!!!!!!

  3. Forget War Buy More Says:

    We do drill.

    And we need an expanded energy portfolio. Oil is so 1800s.

  4. brupo Says:

    Because Nancy Pelosi is "SAVING THE PLANET"

    The woman is insane.

  5. Concerned Says:

    Some want to the other just have too many special interest groups paying them not to so they can get rich off of us poor saps that have to drive to work every day.

  6. iamct01 Says:

    Because us tax payers already gave the oil companies land grants that they are not using to drill. The Republican party as a whole gave out industrial might to China and now they need the oil it takes to run it.

  7. Charles C Says:

    Democrats get to much money from the Oil terrorists

  8. ducky Says:

    wow ! are you misinformed.

    the "government" doesn’t drill
    oil companies do
    we are drilling

    Fact : The U.S. is the worlds Third largest petroleum producer,
    though it has only the 12th largest crude reserve !!

    The U.S. produced more than 8 million barrels of oil each day in 2006, but it consumed more than 20 million per day.

    Your claim that we have enough oil here to last till 2200 is a Total LIE

  9. daleymo Says:

    The government doesn’t drill because it has no expertise in the business. What it ought to do instead is lease the land to private companies who do have expertise, let them drill, and take part of the gains.

    Hmmm… I’m not sure who told you we have enough to last 191.25 years, but that’s probably overblown. We consume about 20 million barrels per day. Even with liquified coal and liquified shale, we aren’t lasting that long.

  10. Nicole J Says:

    the democrats under their false global warming business are indebted to the environmental wacko left so they are blocking the Republicans. Remember Nancy Pelosi shut off the cameras and mics in the house when the Republicans wanted a vote on the oil drilling issue but Pelosi is under the delusion that she is saving the planet so she gagged the debate