Why we can't drill Alaska and get oil from there?

I don’t understand how it can harm wildlife in Alaska.
Alaska isn’t the only place for wildlife…
Animals have all of the North Pole and Canada and Russia and all to roam about and around.

Why would million of people wanna move out there in Alaska for? Alaska has blizzard and snow for 6 months.

And we only need few men to work and pump oil out there in Alaska…

If you guys are worrying about oil spill and stuff like that…
then we can always clean up the mess…

I just don’t understand… why we can’t drill Alaska and pump for oil and get gas from Alaska.

3 Responses to “Why we can't drill Alaska and get oil from there?”

  1. Blackstroke Says:

    Environmentalists have succeeded in persuading the government that it’s better to pay tons of money to arabs and ruin our economy than to dig up our own oil. Thus we ensure that instead of American companies with their advanced drilling methods which would limit pollution, we allow even more pollution by letting Arab and other third world countries dig for the oil and they couldn’t give two beans about weather they pollute or not!!

  2. Snow B Says:

    We have been drilling and pumping oil up here in Alaska since 1977. The wildlife do NOT have any problems with the pipeline or any of that. We do not have enough oil, however, to satisfy all the needs and wants of the USA.

  3. G Says:

    what if we already did? there are somethings that are hidden, from us (public in general) though your right I wouldnt live there. other than that I cant come up with anything else. – Though its all about the money maybe the oil in iraq is worth more,…. naw that cant be it either. its probaly nothing.