Why will congress not let OUR oil companies have access to the oil that is in U.S. waters??

This week, the U.S. senate drilled C.E.O.s of oil companies about gas prices and the C.E.O. explained to the senators that gas prices were so high because congress has tied the hands of the oil companies by not letting them drill for oil in U.S. waters. I think congress is playing politics with the economy because thes gas prices are dragging down the economy in every area and they are hoping to be able to point the finger at the president in November.The Saudis drill for oil the exact same way U.S. oil companies do and I don’t hear the outcry about "environmental damage" when it come to other countries drilling for oil. Can anybody give me a substantive reason…….
Craig B I am thinking like a conservative! When a the C.E.O. of Shell oil says "if you let us get to the oil, prices WILL go down" and these arrogant senators think they know more about it than the C.E.O. does, I am going to call it for what it is, POLITICS..

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  1. Curtis Says:

    Global warming environmental democrat liberals, in congress want high energy costs, that is how they control you and your life.
    The higher the price of gas gets the better for the environment, because people drive less.
    The next thing you will see is 55 mph speed limit again.
    So if you vote democrat you must be happy when the price of gas goes up.

  2. Pied Hussein Piper Says:

    The environmentalists have a very generous lobby.

  3. dodgerblue_2008 Says:

    because the enviro-freaks pay off the democrats to keep us from drilling

  4. Yo it's Me Says:

    Because the Liberals would rather have their heroes that lead Cuba, Venezuela and Mexico have it (those countries are all drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean).

  5. Puller58 Says:

    Here’s a good example: Former Governor Jeb Bush of Florida lobbied his brother the President to keep the waters off the coast of Florida drill free. His concerns was tourism! Go around the coasts of the country and you’ll find the good old "not in my backyard" mindset. Unreal.

  6. TiredTrucker Says:

    The Chinese are drilling 45 miles off the coast of Florida. What does that tell you?

  7. Craig B Says:

    First, why tap/drain our own oil? Its traded on the global market, so why help China and India out with our oil? Why not keep it till we need it, a global crisis for example? Our military might need that oil in the future.
    Second. No way that tapping our own "natural strategic reserve" we have in the west and Alaska will drop the price of gas for 20 years, and even then it will be pennies a gallon.
    Think more like a conservative and less like a republican.

  8. Edward B. Says:

    The environmentalists have powerful lobby groups in Washington.

  9. I hate 9/11 truthers Says:

    Because it takes 10 years to get everything set up to drill.

    That large oil reserve was found about 2 years ago. We still got 8 more to go.

  10. granddad1070@sbcglobal.net Says:

    The enviromental loonies are very generous with money in buying politicians.

  11. Chefbear Says:

    If we let the oil companies drill on our shores, the we should expect to pay $20/barrel for domestic use only. That would bring the price of gas down, and silence the greedy oil barons
    The concept of letting our domestic resources bring the $130/barrel would do nothing, the oil companies would probably export the oil to China and Japan. There is no free market for oil, it is controlled by a cartel that sets price and production.

  12. Noah H Says:

    The Oil Mafia, aided by the GOP’s Ministry of Propaganda, the right wing radio loons and FOX Network keep telling the ditto-heads that ‘congress’ or the ‘liberals’, or the ‘environmentalist’ won’t let the oil boys drill for oil….total BS. The oil establishment holds hundreds of approved oil leases on dozens of square miles of so far undrilled real estate. Some onshore, some offshore. What these people want is ‘unlimited’ access to drill anywhere and everywhere. They’d drill under the Tomb of the Unknown soldier if they could get away with it. The canard that someone or some group is refusing to let these guys drill their little hearts out is pure, unadulterated @#$^. If they wanted to drill on those already approved leases they could start tomorrow. Why they’re not drilling where they CAN drill should be the question, not drilling where they have no legal right to drill isn’t. Check it out. No kiddin’! I hope that answer is substantive enough.

  13. Griggnax Says:

    In Florida, governor Bush signed an executive order prohibiting drilling off the coast after intense pressure from REAL ESTSTE speculators, not environmentalists. Who wants to have a million dollar beach house overlooking an oil rig?
    I do think we need to relook at our offshore drilling policies though. Cuba is allowing China to drill 200 miles from our shore. We should get in on that.
    On land, the substantive difference between the drilling the Saudis do and what we do is that their oil is located beneath sand, and it’s kinda difficult to do environmental damage to sand. The oil here is located underneath a much more complex and delicate ecosystem affecting many different species of plants and animals.

  14. Www W Says:

    your oil companies?you belong to them.

  15. hdean45 Says:

    Because the politicians (mostly Democrats ) have sold out to the environmentalist. If we drilled in Alaska the oil would probably go to China or Japan because to get the oil to our refineries would be cost prohibitive but by putting more oil on the market the price would come down and drilling in the US or off our coast would mean more oil for us. It wouldn’t take 10 yrs. to drill and get the oil in the system,give the oil companies the go ahead watch how fast they move and as soon as the government gave the go ahead to drill the price of oil would start to go down. Ask your self why is it environmentally unsafe for us to drill off the coast but it’s not a problem for China to drill. Could it be that the so called environmentalist have another agenda that has nothing to do with the environment.

  16. General H Says:

    For the most part they will allow it but many environmental organizations won’t allow it and the government has a tax on every new oil well drilled of $50,000 whether it comes up dry or not and it’s non refundable. Not many companies are willing to give that much up to drill.

  17. sarah Says:

    we sould not be allowed its ruing our beaches….dont u wanna fo swimming at the beach this summer? and noone wants to go in a black beach….just learn to b thankful for wat you have and not want more…lol