Why won't the Democrats sign the bill to help Bush with the gas? Its too high.?

He said yesterday that we need to start here in America. Why can’t we produce our own oil and gas. They had blocked the drilling about 30 years ago here. We need to get something done.

11 Responses to “Why won't the Democrats sign the bill to help Bush with the gas? Its too high.?”

  1. phillip w Says:

    LADY TO BUSY.i think a change in price of gas will be after election.IF IT Don’t we elected
    the wrong people.oil companies make billions a
    year.but can’t buy oil crude at a fair price.they have reserve oil in tanks all over the USA.FULL
    OF OIL they won’t release.

  2. grumpy Says:

    if littlebush wants a bill signed you can bet it is anti-american and helps big oil steal even more money from the citizens.

  3. unrepentant poster Says:

    Dems are more worried about the treehuggers getting mad at them.

  4. Scott Y Says:

    Why… who knows. We have some of the largest un-tapped reserves right in our front yard, but there it sits, while we get more dependant on foreign oil.

  5. Brendon Says:

    Gas prices, compared to the rest of the world, really aren’t that high. They just "feel" high because people drive farther and more often than they really need to, and oftentimes drive less-efficient vehicles than they really need to–that, and because the prices were much lower not so long ago. Even at current rates, though, we still pay much less than most of the rest of the world for our fuel.

    That said, I definitely think we should drill more of our own reserves and build more refineries–we haven’t built any new refineries in, what, 30+ years?

  6. myopinion Says:

    If congress won’t sign the bill… you have to ask ? what is attached to it? Bush never sends a bill to congress without a whole lot of other crap attached to the point that they can’t sign it.

    I would want to see the whole thing.

  7. Doctor Foo Says:

    because bush is a crook and in the pocket of big oil. That’s why their profits were higher then ever in history during this administrations term. I bet the bill has a lot of language that helps the rich get richer and us every day folks struggling a bit more. Good old bush and his little bushies.

  8. Arlene R Says:

    Have you noticed how Democrats don’t trust Bush with anything to do with oil? ….Easy to pick them out from the answers to this question. And, they’re right! If Bush is so anxious to drill here, it can’t be good. How rich can the Bush family get? How much can these war profiteers bleed from the American people? Bush has become so transparent!

  9. brickitybrack Says:

    The oil reserves in ANWR would only last one year. We need to stop using gas altogether.

  10. leonard bruce Says:

    Because like the Speaker of the House said yesterday, Bush ignored the American people and allowed the oil Moguls to make record profits the last 7 years at the American tax payers expense while receiving tax breaks and shelters the whole time. Exxon Mobil alone turned in 42 billion in record profits this last fiscal year while people starved.

  11. fouro33 Says:

    Because, on average, about 30% of the cost of a gallon of gas is TAX, and you can’t find a Democrat who’s in favor of lowering taxes.