Why won't the liberals let us drill in the Gulf and Alaska for Oil? And WHY SO MANY gas formulations?

Lundberg Survey Shows Gas Prices Surge to Record U.S. Average of .07 Per Gallon

I filled up my Sienna minivan this morning and it cost me over at .27 per gallon.

It is the MANY gas formulas mandated around the country that keep our gas prices so high. We HAVE to use ethynol here in southeastern Wisconsin, and when the supply is down (of that formula), our prices go up 20 cents more than the National average.

Yes we need to find alternative fuels…but in the mean time…let us drill for oil in our own country.

14 Responses to “Why won't the liberals let us drill in the Gulf and Alaska for Oil? And WHY SO MANY gas formulations?”

  1. Sassikatz~ Says:

    Because in their psychotic twisted minds they think that is why we are in Iraq… remember?

  2. Happy Dude Says:

    I’m a liberal and favor drilling .

  3. Z H Says:

    Ya start in Cali. Those guys burn all the electricity and gas while letting their neighbors do the polluting and drilling.

  4. yupchagee Says:

    They want to keep us dependent on OPEC. I can think of only 1 reason why they might want that & I think you know what that reason is.

  5. citizenjanecitizenjane Says:

    I have no problem with the drilling.
    I have a problem that Bush is the first president in history to refuse to open the Federal Oil Reserves to bring down the gas prices.

  6. John Doe 1st Says:

    Robin, opening an Alaska wildlife refuge to oil development would only slightly reduce America’s dependence on imports and would lower oil prices by less than 50 cents a barrel.

    Even at peak production, the EIA analysis said, the United States would still have to import two-thirds of its oil. Currently, the United States imports about 56 percent of the oil it consumes.

    U.S. domestic oil production will increase over the next four years, from the current 5.7 million barrels a day to 6.1 million barrels a day, largely because of additional oil coming from the Gulf of Mexico.

    When you’re talking of a world oil market of over 75 million barrels a day, adding 900,000 barrels by 2025 is a drop in the bucket.

    I do wish you’d do your homework before posting your questions…

  7. gz Says:

    "let us drill for oil in our own country." Brilliant idea! We have to control the Middle Eastern oil because that is the only way we can control the world and keep the competition in check. Oil is an instrument of power and not a necessity for us!

  8. Drew Blood Says:

    I live in San Diego CA where gas is now $3.45 per gallon. With over half our oil being imported from other parts of the country and our tough emissions laws, there is no doubt in my mind that gas will be $4.00 per gallon by the middle of summer. I pay over $80 to fill up my wife’s Tahoe and $60 to fill up my BMW m3. By drilling in the gulf and in Alaska, we could REDUCE our dependence on foreign oil until they figure out a way to build an electric car that doesn’t look like a dork-mobile! Amazing to think that there would ever be a day when we would look back and think that $2.50 a gallon for gas sounds cheap!

  9. cyclops Says:

    Guess, it would change if States were required, to only use
    what they could produce and refine.

  10. Orlando57 Says:

    first the presiden the republican has already in his first term statrted drilling public lands and the alaskan wilderness reserved for the people form long ago and they are useing gas and oil form the gulf its called the texaco and gulf and bp corporations and the liberals cant stop them from drilling anywhere thats off shore three to seven miles out so its not a liberal roadblock its guys like the exxon chief that retired wit a 50 billion dollar bonus for record breaking profits in one year of 550 billion dollar thats after costs taxes and capital expeses so they arent geting poor gouging us for gas ,, heres a clue the alcohol is cheaper its from corn and costs less that oil to make a gallon of and its only added to keep the fuel lines from freezing in the past now its to streach the profits on the oil and to give off cleaner emmissions gases than before OK and they used to not charge to reformulate thats a load of crass disinformation leaving out alcohol or adding it isnt a big price raiser thats all hooey to justify record breaking profits for them OK try the truth blame the leaders that profit during a time of watr that used to be a crimw to raise prices during wartime thats profiteering they put those folkes into prison ,, in the world wars OK

  11. Frank Says:

    No drilling in pristine wilderness areas. You might not give a crap about the environment, but other people do. People aren’t willing to let your lazy lifestyle and inability to take note of the global oil economy impede on a national treasure.

    By the way, the technology is out there to raise vehicle mpg standards, create hybrids, and alltogether electric vehicles, only the oil companies and auto industry want to milk profiteering off of the internal combustion engine for the next 3 decades until it becomes unprofitable.

    Watch "Who Killed the Electric Car?" if you haven’t seen it yet.

  12. rmagedon Says:

    Well lets see, a communist organization who intends on destroying AMericas economy has pressure certain socialist congressman to mandate stupid laws about air pollution, although they make no difference in air quality, it does negatively impact the price we pay at the pump.

    Todays engines are so sophisticated you can put anything through them and it comes out as water, oxygen and miniscule other products. but hey, it certainly makes people feel good, even if it costs us an additional $0.40 per gallon, I mean isn’t it worth, to make some of us feel good.

    You know if it is all about a certain group of people feeling good, would it not be cheaper if we just hooked them up with the DC Madam, certainly has to cost less than what the environmental whackos out there are costing us. Better yet, just put them in the closet with a dirty book twice a day, maybe then they would leave us alone.

  13. hypofocus Says:

    The U.S. has less than 3% of world oil reserves. Oil prices are set on a worldwide market, and that market is heavily influence by a cartel (OPEC). Drilling our reserves will do nothing to change prices. We simply don’t have enough. Meanwhile, we consume 26% of the world’s oil production. Trying to drill our way out the problem only postpones the inevitable need to reduce demand, making it harder and harder to do the longer we wait.

  14. Hadenough Says:

    Tough choices in this world. Some cost us but might be better for us in the long run.