Why would Obama intentionally hurt this country by…?

forcing us to buy MORE oil overseas? Why does he hate this country so much? Can’t he see this would create jobs and put people to work? Is he really trying to destroy this country from the inside?

WASHINGTON, Jan 21 (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama may order a hold on a proposal issued in the final days of the Bush administration to expand offshore drilling in previously banned areas, an Interior Department official told Reuters on Wednesday.

Shortly after being sworn in on Tuesday, Obama ordered all federal agencies and departments to halt pending regulations until they can be reviewed by incoming staff.

An Interior official said the department is waiting for clarification from the White House on whether a proposed draft of a five-year plan to lease areas in the Atlantic and Pacific waters for oil and natural gas drilling can go forward.

The preliminary plan would authorize 31 energy exploration lease sales between 2010 and 2015 for tracts along the east coast and off the coasts of Alaska and California.

Both presidential and congressional bans on drilling in most U.S. waters ended last year.

Separately, the Interior official said the department’s plan to develop oil shale fields in the western United States may also be stopped by Obama’s order. (Reporting by Ayesha Rascoe and Tom Doggett)


13 Responses to “Why would Obama intentionally hurt this country by…?”

  1. ART Says:

    Obama is a socialist that is his allegiance. World Socialism is his cause not America. If America is brought down to a minor nation then world socialism can succeed.
    A strong America has been the thorn in the side of dictators and Communism for 70 years.
    The goal is to weaken America.
    We can all be robotatrons volunteering for the state living only a survival existence from hand outs by the state. The more people dependent on government for their livelihood the more power those in charge have.
    Obama’s plan is to make more and more and more dependent. Then Socialism (communism) can be voted in.
    No oil is just part of the plan to reduce America as a power.

    Think of the feudal state with serfs and rulers. When everyone is ignorant and dependent on the rulers who are the elite intellectuals, the rulers stay in power and live well for generations. While the serfs toil away but live happy (short) lives being protected and cared for by the rulers.
    Rulers who live very long and very good lives and can do anything they like. The serf and all his generations is forever a serf.
    That is socialism, just a repackaging of an old idea. America with its capitalist base and opportunity for all has to be done away with away with.

  2. not my president Says:

    It’s not his country and he feels no particular allegiance toward it.

  3. B Says:

    Get a clue. This man is going to tear this country apart. I am only afraid it is much sooner than I thought.

  4. dee_the_genius Says:

    because thats the abomination

  5. Melting Media EAC Says:

    He does not hate his country.

    My own conservative father said "Better to use their oil before we use ours."

  6. Igor Says:

    Obama loves America as much as you do. Don’t hate him.

  7. Ally 2 Says:

    The "majority" of people in the US voted for Barack Oblunder, even after most reports indicated that his intentions are to stifle the coal and other energy industries. It was clear before the election that Obama’s goal was to be a worldwide hero, and that means putting the needs of the American people in jeopardy.

    I guess I’ll just continue to the thank the ignorant majority for what they voted into office. Do you think they know what they really voted for was their jobs to go away?

  8. H S Says:

    When mass numbers of people are permitted to vote irresponsibly, it is easy to observe the devastation it will inevitably result in..

  9. jay_d_skinner Says:

    He hasn’t hurt anything and I’m glad they are stopping all the crooked deals that Bush cooked up during his rein. I would want to look at them again myself. Especially with Cheney involved in it all. Obama didn’t set our government on the path with foreign oil, that was his predecessors in office and the Oil industry.
    If they had been using some of their profits to find and exploit oil resources in our own country in legitimate areas. Or possibly using it to find better energy user, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

  10. stumpedII Says:

    fossile fuels are not the answer to our problems.. offshore drilling .. is useless.. by the time that oil hits the streets .. free limitless renewable energy from a windfarm could be produced instead.. wind is an investment.. oil is a consumable.

    any more money spent on oil is a waste.. a total waste..

    wind is an investment.. it costs you near nothing.. and produces wealth instead a net gain..

    oil and coal are a loss.. and pollute our country.. trasfer our wealth to our enemys.. etc..

    oil is an example of corporate profit.. trumping national well being.

    and fact is the oil companys already have leases on tons of areas but dont drill .. they only want to control the options for these offshore area’s.. the name of the game is to keep oil scarce.. keep profits high.. keep work low.

    the oil companys LOVE opec. the oil companys gladly screw this country for profits.

  11. Miss Kitty Says:

    Because in a one world government all countries must be interdependent on each other.

  12. . . Says:

    Obama would intentionally hurt this country because as far to the left as it’s gone it’s still the best hope for freedom.
    He is indeed really trying to destroy this country from the inside. He said on the radio he would if given the chance then reiterated this on TV.
    The Socialist World needs for us to be dependent on foreign energy so 100% of Democrats always work for that goal.
    Watch their "alternative energy" proposals. All of them involve diverting your money at gunpoint to research and pilot programs run by their contributors. As for actual large-scale energy production, they ALWAYS oppose it. There has never been an exception.

  13. Andrea Says:

    The same reasons liberals agree with him, THEY HATE THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!